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Germany off-air RT Deutsch after Russia Row

Media lines have threatened to further strain relations between Russia and Germany after a Berlin court sentenced Russia to life imprisonment last week.

Germany’s MABB Media Watchdog said RTDE has not been requested or granted a broadcast license domestically. (Reuters)

The new German broadcast of Russia’s international television station RT was discontinued a few days after it began with the latest escalation of media spats between the two countries.

The move on Wednesday comes after German authorities have determined that the channel does not have the necessary licenses to operate in the country.

The ban that Eutelsat decided to remove RT Deutsch from the list of channels broadcast from satellites came amid heightened east-west tensions over energy supply and Russian military activity at the Ukrainian border.

Launched in 2005, when many countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the Gulf countries, and Iran, were strengthening their international public broadcasting services, the state-run RT is considered a place of publicity by most Western governments.

“The broadcast is in German and targets the German market,” a broadcaster in Berlin, the capital of Germany, where RT has an office, said in a statement. “I didn’t apply for a broadcast permit and it wasn’t issued.”

Alphabet’s YouTube live stream was also removed shortly after the start of last Thursday, and the channel will continue to be available live on its own website.

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RT broadcasts news that is widely sympathetic to Russia’s foreign policy, often dramatic news from countries that have difficulty with Moscow.

“From coronavirus to civil war?” Read the headline of one opinion piece on Wednesday’s website that speculated on the possibility of forced vaccination in Germany.

RT states that the license it holds in Serbia gives it the right to air in Germany under the terms of the European Treaty on Transfrontier Television, which is an agreement of the Council of Europe to which the two countries are members.

“Illegal” behavior?

“We believe the actions of German regulators are illegal and we are confident that this decision will be considered in court,” RT’s statement said.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov said, “If this unacceptable situation continues, we will not rule out what we have to do,” accusing “Western partners” of “squeezing the media.” did.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov said earlier this month that Russian journalism “goes through dark valleys,” with more than 100 journalists, media, human rights advocates and non-governmental organizations called foreign agents. He said he could suffocate. Access to funds.

Russian officials say a foreign agent list is needed to protect the country from external influences.

The Russian national media has extensive activity in Berlin, including Ruptly, a video news agency that competes with Reuters News in some regions.

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