Germany sends jets to Indo-Pacific

Fighters are scheduled to participate in a series of military exercises by Australia

The Luftwaffe has deployed the fleet for its first mission in the Indo-Pacific. The aircraft will make a first stop in Singapore before conducting several days of exercises with its Australian counterpart.

The Luftwaffe deployed six Eurofighter jets, four A400M utility aircraft and three A330 tanker carriers from Neuburg airbase on Monday. This is intended to make her 6,200-mile (10,000 km) journey to Singapore with her only one stop in Abu in just 24 hours. Dabi for pilot change.

“I want to prove that I can go to Asia in one day.” Said Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhardts, Chief of Staff of the Air Service, said: addition “The Indo-Pacific is very important for Germany. We share the same values ​​with many partners in the region.”

Eurofighters and other aircraft, symbolically flying the flags of Germany, Singapore, Australia, South Korea and Japan, will head to Darwin, Australia for the biennial ‘Pitch’ in Canberra from 19 August to 9 September. Participate in the Black exercise. The fighters will conduct air-to-air training, practice ground attacks and fly in larger formations with friendly aircraft, the Air Force said.

After “Pitch Black” ends, German fighters will join the Royal Australian Navy in Exercise “Kakadu” from September 12-26 to train naval assets for defense.

But the Luftwaffe’s busy training schedule doesn’t stop there, including exercises with the Singapore Air Force and sending a detachment for visits to South Korea and Japan.

Gerhardts said training with Canberra would provide an opportunity to learn more about the US-made F-35 fighter that Berlin recently agreed to acquire from Washington, but a Luftwaffe spokesperson told Defense News, He said he has no plans to discuss F.-35 or interoperability with Tokyo or Seoul.

Germany, like the United States and other Western allies, claims it has vital interests in the Indo-Pacific, and if sea lanes in the region are compromised, “serious consequences” for its prosperity. While its military presence is nowhere near the level of Washington, which regularly dispatches warships to disputed waters in the South China Sea and elsewhere in the region, Berlin is also close to China, India, Pakistan and other countries in the Indo-Pacific. citing nuclear-weapon states, as a potential security risk to him. Germany sends jets to Indo-Pacific

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