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Germany warns of “worst humanitarian catastrophe” in Afghanistan

Annalena Baerbock, the new German Foreign Minister, promised to work with an international partner yesterday to help her avoid what she called “the worst humanitarian catastrophe of our time” in Afghanistan. did.
Bearbock outlines the Action Plan two weeks after taking office, and Berlin is one of the most threatened people under the Taliban, ensuring that outside aid reaches the poorest Afghanistan. In particular, he said he tried to strengthen the evacuation of women and girls.
“In front of us, Afghanistan is heading for the worst humanitarian catastrophe of our time,” Baerbock told reporters. “The major sectors of the economy have collapsed and many are hungry.
“When I read that a desperate family sells to their daughters to buy food, it’s almost unbearable.”
She said it was estimated that 24 million Afghans needed help to survive this winter.
“We can’t kill hundreds of thousands of children because we don’t want to take action,” Baerbock said.
Berlin will “look for ways with international partners to bring humanitarian aid into the country and take those in particular need out of the country.”
Mr. Baerbock said such efforts were also aimed at “preventing further destabilization on the ground.”
Approximately 15,000 people who agreed to accept Germany at the end of 20 years of military involvement are still waiting for evacuation in Afghanistan, she said, and helping them leave is a “top priority” for Berlin. Added.
This includes doubling efforts to safely pass through neighboring countries.
At the heart of these efforts is the United Nations, whose Security Council will try to keep the Taliban out of the hands on Wednesday to help humanitarian aid reach desperate Afghanistan. The resolution proposed by the United States was unanimously adopted.
Billions of dollars of aid and assets have been frozen by the West as the UN described it as an “unprecedented financial shock” to the aid-dependent Afghan economy since the Taliban returned to power in August.

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