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Gerrard says villa players “dislike getting out of the car” because of the fear of Covid-19

Steven Gerrard, manager of Aston Villa, said one of the players was hesitant to get out of the car because of the heightened fear of Covid-19.
The outbreak at the villa caused a sudden postponement of the match against Burnley last Saturday, and Gerrard warned yesterday that the Midlands Club would play two matches in two days and would be a “nightmare” if there were only 14 players. Did.
“On the weekend, there was a situation where a player had symptoms and hesitated to get out of the car because of a young family. His view of his situation is completely understandable,” Gerrard said.
“This is a man with a young family, it’s Christmas time, and it’s a situation with everyone.”
Former Liverpool and England midfielders added: Everyone wants to protect their family. This is our job and your priority will always be your family, of course.
“Thankfully, he was later tested and there were no situations, but the player wouldn’t have been able to handle me that day. These are small situations that people don’t see.
“We have a great responsibility to listen to the players and deal with all situations.”
The Premier League announced on Monday its intention to continue the traditionally busy Christmas and New Year period, despite more than 90 cases of coronavirus being confirmed between players and staff last week. did.
Last weekend, six of the ten scheduled games in the English Premier League were summoned due to a coronavirus outbreak.
The Premier League will hold a “virtual” meeting with managers and captains today to raise concerns, but Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson said authorities need to pay more attention to the welfare of their players. Said.
“Football is everything for us and we want to be able to perform at the highest level every time we step on the pitch,” Henderson told the BBC. “And unfortunately, it’s difficult to do that at this time.”
The 31-year-old England midfielder said:
“I’m worried that no one is taking the welfare of the players seriously.”
Liverpool had a 2-2 draw at Tottenham Hotspur last weekend without many key players including Virgil van Dijk, Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara.
That match is one of five matches in two weeks for Liverpool, who will face Leicester in the League Cup quarterfinals on Tuesday.
“I think the decision has been made. Of course, we want to play as soccer players, we want to get out there, but we are worried about the welfare of the players, especially at this time of year, everyone. I don’t think I take it seriously, when Covid is here, “Henderson said.

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