Get in shape this summer with a world-class coach

Summer is almost here! And Monaco’s wonderful weather makes it easy to get up, get outside and get the exercise your body deserves so much. It is further inspired by facilities such as World Class and its renowned coaching team, which offers a wide variety of classes in the gym, but also outdoors, taking advantage of Monaco’s glorious sunshine!

Our world-class workout room features innovative bodybuilding, fitness, and cardio equipment, making it one of the best-equipped fitness clubs on the French Riviera.from free weights From popular CrossFit, weight loss and relaxation, to incredible boxing rings for martial arts and martial arts, our World Class classes and facilities are able to meet the needs and goals of a wide variety of customers. Whether you’re trying to stay supple and gain some flexibility by learning Pilates and stretching, or you’re looking for the ‘best abs ever,’ flaunting your body at the beach this summer. I can. Advice for a healthier diet, World Class has the right coach for you.

Boxing with French Champion

French Champion in British Boxing 2015, 3rd place in British Boxing World Championships, Suleiman Abdrachidov World class boxing coach. He teaches us how to develop his own style in this combat sport and how to use his fists properly. Suleiman Abdorachidov has his Certificate in Education and Sports, Youth, Popular, Federal Provost in English Boxing, and his Professional Credentials as an Animator in Leisure Sports.

Suleiman Abdrachidov @ world class

coach Diane Hoag We specialize in teaching exercise techniques and developing physical abilities to achieve goals you set for yourself, including bodypumps, best abs ever, total body cardio, sit-ups and stretches, and outdoor classes. She graduated with her BPJEPS AF (Coaching Diploma) from her Mention Cours Collectifs.

world class coach
Diane Hoag @ world class

Bodybuilding by French Fitness Model Champion

Enzo Bongiovanni She has 10 years of bodybuilding experience and was a French fitness model champion. He works as a private coach and develops fitness programs according to the needs of his clients.

world class coach
Enzo Bongiovanni @ world class

Christel El Sulimani 11 years of dance experience, 6 years of Thai boxing, 2.5 years of jiu-jitsu, and marathon experience. She is also an elite Les Mills She Professional She has six instructor certifications and Vinyasa has her 200 hours of training experience in both Yoga and Pilates. She has an athletic body, body she sculpts, pilates, stretches, abs and stretches, and an outdoor coach.

world class coach
Christel El Sulimani @ world class

Anna Cot Received advanced choreographic training as a choreographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is a certified yoga, pilates, TRX and fitness trainer in Ukraine, USA and France. She is a lifestyle consultant with over 15 years of experience.

world class coach
Anna Cot @ world class

“My main motivation for this job is the people I work with. It’s not a job! It’s part of my life.” Anna Cott said.

Balancing nutrition with a doctor in sports science

Melanie Emile Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, get pregnant, or balance your diet, you can create a personalized meal plan to meet your energy needs. She holds a PhD in Sports Science, a Master of Specialization in Prevention and Health Education through Physical Activity and Nutrition, a University Diploma in Public Health, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Engineering.

world class coach
Melanie Emile @ world class

“My 10 years of experience as a nutritionist, combined with my PhD in Sports Science, allows me to take holistic care of the individual. We use professional equipment such as INBODY to measure and I am dedicated to your diet to help you adapt to your lifestyle. said Melanie Emile.

world class
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