GGYA will hold a charity golf event in collaboration with Atlantis

Under the auspices of Governor Cornelius A. Smith and Governor Clara Smith, the Governor’s Youth Award (GGYA), in collaboration with Atlantis on Paradise Island, is proud to host the 20th Edinburgh Duke’s Cup Bahamas Semifinal Charity Golf Tournament. think. This weekend at the Ocean Club Golf Course on Paradise Island.

Weekend activities include a golf clinic for GGYA students at the Ocean Club Golf Course at 10am on Saturday, a networking cocktail reception and awards to legacy sponsors at 6pm on Saturday, and the Duke of Edinburgh Cup Bahamas Semifinals. It will be. A charity golf tournament at 8am on Sunday.

GGYA’s main fundraising event is a tournament, with all proceeds affecting approximately 2,000 GGYA students across Bahama, with four pillars: voluntary service, skills development, physical recreation and adventurous journeys. We support meaningful programs below.

“Here in the Bahamas, we value the support and sponsorship of the private sector, especially Atlantis and citizens’ sponsors, to support our youth. This funding is funded by young people across the Bahamas, especially public school students and others. These activities will greatly help young people in the community who do not have the funds or support to carry out access to our program, “said Jacquetta Lightbourne-Maycock, GGYA National Director.

“We provide young people with the opportunity to grow themselves so that they can learn about themselves, pursue their interests, set goals and work towards achieving those goals. It’s a lesson that goes beyond the classroom, so it’s a very valuable lesson. These are lessons that teach them about life, and more importantly, about themselves and what they enjoy. “

GGYA supports the development of universal life skills that complement the formal education of students.

A team of four can participate in the tournament through sponsorship, and interested people or companies can contact Atlantis Viana Gardiner, Vice President of Public Relations and Special Projects, at email address for more information. You can contact me. Interested people and businesses can also choose to sponsor the hall or donate any amount.

Gardiner said: We are trying to leverage community relationships through GGYA. “

At this year’s tournament, Atlantis and GGYA honor sponsors with a legacy tradition of supporting GGYA fundraising during reception and legacy award presentations.

Participants and winners are eligible to receive a number of gifts and prizes, including a trip to England where they paid the full cost for the Duke of Edinburgh Cup Finals (1st and 2nd). Weekend packages, aqua venture passes and dining prizes at Atlantis on Paradise Island. 2022 Mercedes C-Class Sedan Hole-in-One Award (donated by Tyreflex Star Motors). Dazzling men’s and women’s prizes donated by John Bull. Western Airlines round-trip ticket. The joy donated by the Gray Cliff Cigar and Chocolatier. etc. GGYA will hold a charity golf event in collaboration with Atlantis

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