Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer seeks generosity prior to a sexual trafficking decision

Ghislaine Maxwell spends less than 20 years in prison, perhaps much less, to help the deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse a teenage girl, her lawyer said. Epstein said on Wednesday, claiming to be the “mastermind” behind the abuse.

“Epstein cannot and should not bear all the punishments that Epstein should have been liable for,” Maxwell, 60, wrote in a memorandum of understanding filed in federal court in Manhattan.

A federal jury in Manhattan recruited and groomed four minor girls for her ex-boyfriend Epstein between 1994 and 2004, five including sexual trafficking. Maxwell was found guilty of crimes.Read the full text

US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over Maxwell’s trial before being promoted, will rule Maxwell on June 28. The prosecutor will submit his own judgment recommendation by June 22nd.

Maxwell’s lawyer said in a filing Wednesday that she had already spent time behind the bar “under much more troublesome and disciplinary conditions than those experienced by typical pretrial detainees.” ..

“Her life has been ruined. Since Epstein’s death, her life has been threatened and death threats continue while she is imprisoned. Faced with a judgment worthy of Epstein It would be a tragedy of justice for her, “they wrote.

Maxwell’s lawyer said these and other factors justify falling below the 292-365-month federal judgment guidelines and 20-year judgment recommended by the probation department.

In another filing, Maxwell calculated that her crime was not justified for more than five to one-quarter years in prison under recommended federal guidelines. The prosecutor is likely to reject the calculation, and the judge decides who is right.

A spokesman for Damian Williams, a US lawyer in Manhattan, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Maxwell’s one-month trial was never experienced by world-class financier Epstein, rather than facing his own sex trafficking trial at the age of 66 in a Manhattan cell in 2019. It was widely regarded as having never been.

This is also one of the hottest cases in the #MeToo movement, accusing hundreds of women of abusing rich and powerful men.

The jury heard emotional and unambiguous testimony from four women who portrayed Maxwell as the central figure in Epstein’s abuse.

Maxwell’s lawyers claim that Epstein’s death left their client, the daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, a scapegoat.

Maxwell vowed to appeal the conviction.

In April, Nathan refused Maxwell’s bid for the acquittal, but withheld the conviction because the two counts overlap. This has shortened Maxwell’s maximum possible decision by 10 years. Nathan did not question the jury’s findings. Read the full text

Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 and has since been imprisoned primarily in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

(Reuters) Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer seeks generosity prior to a sexual trafficking decision

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