Gibson refuses to resign as Long Island MP

Nassau | Long Island MP Adrian Gibson must resign unless convicted of corruption, despite increasing pressure from Free National Movement (FNM) factions to abandon parliamentary seats Told to.

Gibson sees his resignation as an acceptance of guilt, but some of his FNM colleagues are arrogant and selfish, as the revelations that should come out during his trial can hurt FNM. He seems to have refused to take an attitude. ..

His well-known placement made some members of Long Island sick. They are concerned that their embarrassed MPs will bring disappointment to the close community, he is busy fighting alleged corruption in court and giving the residents of Long Island the representatives they need. Will not be possible.

They were surprised and in some cases embarrassed when they appeared at Congress’s house a few days after he was charged.

Some senior FNM members publicly support the controversial former water and sewage chairman, but in the unlikely event that Gibson succumbs to internal pressure to resign and a by-election is held, the Long Island I’m secretly planning a nomination.

Dr. Duane Sands, who lost Elizabeth’s seat to PLP candidate Jobes Coleby Davis in the 2021 general election, became FNM chairman to receive the nomination of Long Island, which was long regarded as a safe FNM seat. I plan to take advantage of my influence.

Attorney Gibson was indicted in the Magistrates’ Court this week in 56 proceedings of money laundering, receiving, bribery, intrigue to bribe, and false declarations.

The prosecution claims to have pocketed $ 1.2 million from the awarding of the WSC contract while he was chairman.

Gibson allegedly used illegally obtained money to buy real estate in wealthy areas and numerous vehicles confiscated by police. Gibson refuses to resign as Long Island MP

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