Giffy’s first international trip takes her to Poland –

Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffy left for Zielona Góra on Wednesday afternoon (May 11, 2022) for her first overseas trip.

SPD politicians will attend the conference of the German-Polish network “Oder-Partnerschaft” in Zielonagra, Poland, until Thursday. In particular, exchanges are planned under the heading “Refugee Crisis: Challenges, Approaches, Good Practices”. Berlin will also assume the role of coordinator within the network and will host the next meeting at this level.

Further strengthen cooperation in important areas

As coordinator, Giffy announced that Berlin will continue to pursue issues that are important to both sides, such as expanding transportation infrastructure. “We also want to further strengthen our cooperation in the areas of business and culture.” In a cross-border network of Germany and Poland, Berlin has seven partner regions of Mecklenburg: West Pomeranian, Brandenburg, Saxony and Viel. We work with Kopolska, West Pomeranian Voyage, Loisilesia and Lubusz.

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Date of issue: May 12, 2022

Last updated: May 12, 2022 Giffy’s first international trip takes her to Poland –

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