GKI says the average wage of 87% of municipalities is below the national average

According to the latest report from GKI Economic Research, the average net wage in 2020 was only 210,585 euros (551 euros), about 58,000 euros lower than the Central Statistics Office (KSH) report. analysis This includes all working Hungarians. In addition, in 87% of Hungarian municipalities, the local average was below the national average.

As we reported, the average net wage in 2020 was 268,000 HUF (701 euros), according to the KSH.

Left-wing economic think tanks use tax authority data for all, as opposed to KSH, which calculates only the salaries of full-time employees in companies with at least five employees and in state and local government companies. Hungarian working who calculated average earnings.

According to their findings:

  • Hungary’s net average wage in 2020 was only 210,585 forint (551 euros), much lower than the KSH.
  • The local average of 87% of Hungarian municipalities has not reached this average
  • In 43% of Hungarian municipalities, the average net salary in 2020 was below 160,000 forint (419 euros).
  • Average net wages are even lower, at 12% below HUF 120,000 (EUR 314).
  • In contrast, only 4% of local governments booked net average wages higher than HUF 240,000 (EUR 628).

Similar to another Recent analysisGKI also found a big gap nationwide on this issue.

  • Budapest has certainly raised the average, with a net salary of 276,000 euros (722 euros).
  • HUF 231,000’s Pest county and HUF 225,000’s Győr-Moson-Sopron county are also above the national average.
  • Nógrád (HUF 175,000 / EUR 458), Békés (HUF 173,000) and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg (HUF 163,000 / EUR 426) are at the bottom of the list.

Recent KSH report In February 2022, Hungary’s total monthly salary increased by nearly one-third compared to the same month of the previous year. This surprised many, as most Hungarians did not see much of the rise in wages. In fact, similar to this factor above, different calculation methods are behind the trend. In this case, the contradiction is primarily in the significant increase in the minimum wage and the recent one-off bonuses for soldiers and police. This is equivalent to 6 months’ salary.As a result, economic news sites portfolioThe actual rise in real real wages, adjusted for Hungary’s record high inflation, is estimated to be much closer to a modest 3-4%.

Featured Image Illustration by Attila Balázs / MTI GKI says the average wage of 87% of municipalities is below the national average

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