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Global Covid case load exceeds 300 million

Washington: According to Johns Hopkins University, in the ongoing resurgence around the world, the number of cases of coronavirus in the world has exceeded the severe milestone of 300 million, the death toll has exceeded 5.47 million, and vaccination has reached 9.33 billion. Exceeded.

In the latest update on Friday morning, the University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) reported that the total number of vaccines given was 300,095,481 and 5,472,039, respectively, compared to the current global number of cases and deaths, respectively. Revealed an increase to 9,336,622,344.

According to CSSE, the United States remains the worst-hit country, with 58,487,665 cases and 833,987 deaths, the highest in the world.

The country with the second highest number of cases was India (35,109,286 infections and 482,876 deaths), followed by Brazil (22,328,252 infections and 619,654 deaths).

Other countries with more than 5 million cases are the United Kingdom (14,100,303), France (11,288,704), Russia (10,420,863), Turkey (9,789,244), Germany (7,399,015), Italy (6,975,465), Spain (6,922,466), Iran (6,203,046), The figures for Argentina (6,025,303) and Colombia (5,242,672), CSSE are shown.

Countries with more than 100,000 deaths are Russia (307,488), Mexico (299,842), Peru (202,904), United Kingdom (149,993), Indonesia (144,116), Italy (138,474), Iran (131,802) and Colombia (130,191). is. , France (126,001), Argentina (117,386), Germany (113,446), Ukraine (103,225).

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