Global Green Destinations Days – 7 destinations in Slovenia awarded

7 Stories about Slovenia’s Sustainable Tourism in the World’s 100 Best

At the Global Green Destination Days in Athens, seven Slovenian destinations were honored for their sustainable practices.Jerusalem, Ljubljana, Maribor, Milen Klas Rogashka Slatina, Rogla-Pohorje, Vipava. It is also a holder of the Slovenian Green Label.

global green destination daywill be held in Athens from 26 to 29 September this year to bring together sustainable development professionals, destination managers and tourism organizations to showcase good practices and exchange experiences. is intended forThe aim is Support mutual learning and discover practical tools and solutions For more sustainable tourism. This year, the conference participants Slovenian good practicebecause the conference is also co-created by Slovenian participants.

Slovenian approach to this topic in the light of multiple award-winning implementations at the Roundtable on National Programs to Promote Tourism Sustainability Slovenia tourism green scheme Presented by Slovenia Tourism Board When good place. Ljubljana Tourism The Culture and Traditions panel showcases Ljubljana’s best practices.

At Thursday’s conference summit, The future of tourism federation conferencedestinations, communities and the travel industry, aiming to improve climate solutions and resilience to climate change.

7 destinations in Slovenia arrived at Green Destination Top 100 Stories List: Mirren Crass The Krasna kuhinja brand helps destination guests recognize the best of local gastronomy. Maribor with new VR experience Stara Torta House and Ljubljana also has a project to digitize Plečnik’s cultural heritage. Rogla-Pohorje destinations Awarded thanks to the restoration of Žička Kartuzija. Jerusalem Due to the construction of a new rest area for campers that were missing in the destination. Rogashka Slatina was awarded for its mobility infrastructure project, including the construction of a new walkway leading to P+R car parks and bicycles. in Vipavawas awarded for a winemaker-in-a-day project that allows visitors to experience the region’s wine heritage in an authentic way.

“Congratulations to all seven destinations in the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories. Slovenia Green Label destinations are regularly included in the list of the 100 most sustainable destinations in the world. This confirms our focus on sustainable tourism and rewards all efforts, measures and activities for continuous improvement.

We are proud to say that this is still the case this year. This once again confirms the correctness of our decisions in the direction of sustainable, responsible and inclusive development of Slovenian tourism. After obtaining the Slovenia Green Label as part of the Slovenian Tourism Green Scheme administered by the Slovenian Tourism Board, the destination reports progress annually, implements measures from the action plan and undergoes recertification every three years .

In this way, the STB facilitates the continuous pursuit of improvements and progress in the field of sustainable destination management. Green schemes are internationally comparable and based on over 100 criteria from the Green Destination Standards. ” highlight Master’s Degree Mr. Maja Pak, Director of Slovenia Tourism Board.

Slovenia and destinations since 2014 Slovenia tourism green scheme Awarded regularly within the framework of Global Green Destination Day. Slovenia was also the first country in the world to win the award. green country in the world Titled in 2016. In 2018 it received the Sustainable Destinations 2018 Top 100 Best of the Planet – Best of Europe An award given to leading cities in the field of European sustainable tourism, it is one of the six most sustainable destinations in the world and the best in Europe. In 2019 Ljubljana, with its best sustainable practices, local food exchangewon Best in the Urban category and Bled won Best in the European category. STB won the Sustainable Top 100 Destination Award. Best of Europe 2020 Categories To introduce a sustainable model for tourism at the national level.

Slovenia tourism green scheme is a national certification scheme that consolidates all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia. slovenia green It provides tangible tools for evaluating and improving brands, sustainable operations, and promotes green operations. Sustainable development is the cornerstone of Slovenian tourism, a commitment made by all key players and the Slovenian Tourism Board.The green scheme includes 214 tourist destinations, accommodations, nature parks, travel agencies, sights, restaurants and beachesIt is an excellent example of how sustainable development can include all levels of tourism and provide tools for continuous improvement and upgrading of sustainable operations. Global Green Destinations Days – 7 destinations in Slovenia awarded

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