Global smartphone industry, 2Q22

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Global smartphone shipments are expected to decline another quarter year-on-year in the second quarter of 2022, and for the fourth consecutive quarter from the third quarter of 2021.


Given the weakening of sales in China, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and rising inflation that weakens consumer demand in Europe and emerging markets, DIGITIMES Research has announced that global smartphone shipments in the first two quarters of 2022 It is expected to decline from the levels seen in the corresponding period of 2021.

DIGITIMES Research predicted that global smartphone shipments in 2022 would increase by 3.1% in February, but based on information from supply chain sources as major smartphone brands lowered some annual shipment targets. Adjusted the forecast to a 7.5% decrease. Time in the last few months.

In the Chinese market, COVID-19’s pandemic containment measures have already created weak market demand, further exacerbating the situation. Therefore, smartphone shipments in China are estimated to plummet by 29.4% and 24.8% year-on-year in the first and second quarters of 2022, respectively, and full-year 2022 shipments are expected to decline by 19.4%.

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