“Golf is one of the things you are allowed to bash”-Padraig Harrington is afraid of fallout on the LIV tour

Padraig Harrington argues that the LIV golf controversy is another bar that beats the sport.

The three big winners are afraid that the image of golf is being bashed by the decision of a few “rebels” to take part in a Saudi-sponsored LIV golf tour.

Brooks Koepka is reportedly the latest big name to sign up for a lucrative tour to Portland next week.

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Prior to returning to the Irish Open at Mt. Juliet next week, Harrington, who participated in the first US Senior Open this week, said:

“It’s great to sit here and see and hear all this.

“It’s one of those things in your life, golf, that you’re allowed to bash. It’s a golfer who now looks sad-all golfers, all golf.

“It’s an image, they joking (about it)-I saw journalists involved in golf retweets, and only a few golfers it went there (to LIV). It’s anti-golf, as it is when it is.

“Similarly, how can I label everyone?”

Harrington had previously said that the debate over the new tour would soon end.

Last month, the 50-year-old admitted that he was “willing” to not have to decide to participate in LIV Golf because he was not invited.

“Speaking of this, sitting at a table with 50 million people would be difficult in five or six years,” he said.

In Jarlath Regan’s “Irish Overseas” podcast, Harrington mentions anger at the “golf gate” that hit the country during a pandemic, and the Oily Chatas Golf Association holds an indoor event at a hotel in Galway. did.

“I don’t want to give golf or golfers a bad lap or a bad image,” Harrington told Regan.

“As you know in Ireland, what about Golfgate? It was a hotel-it happened at a hotel!

“Golf was ambiguous, but let’s bash golf.

“Golf was great for Ireland. People who play golf … need to be rich to play golf-rich in time.

“That’s all you need to play golf. Yes, there’s been years of prejudice that people with time were thought to be bankers, stock brokers, and that type of person.

“But in reality, when you go to a golf club, there are taxi drivers, barmen, and shift workers.

“It saved the lives of so many people who worked at strange times and spent the day to prevent them from getting off the rails that are paying attention to golf.”

Harrington argued that there was no class prejudice in the sport, pointing out the fact that his father Paddy worked hard to make a living with Rory’s father Gerry and Shane Lowry’s father Brendan. ..

“Just look at the players on the Irish tour. We’re all middle class at best,” he emphasized.

“My dad is a policeman, Rory’s dad is a bartender, and Shane’s dad is an electrician.

“We’re basically as normal as you get, but that’s what golf is, but it has that image and it’s easy to beat it-and this moment is really things Not helping.

“They don’t necessarily call them rebels, they oppose golf.”

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