Golf: The Ladies Italian Open is attended by 10 Azure-English

(ANSA)-10 Azure beat the world’s best in the 26th edition of the second year Ladies Italian Open, held at ROME-Fubi Nemon Ferrato Golf Club Margara near ROME-Alessandria on May 3rd. Compete with that.

Among them is Julia Molinaro, who finished third in last year’s KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Virginia Elena Karuta debuted at the Piedmont Contest last year. Last year, the highest ranked Azura, Roberta Rit. Lucrezia Colombot Rosso, who recently won the Terre Blanche Ladies Open. And two next young people, Martina Flori and Erika De Martini.

The title is defended by 19-year-old French woman Lucy Marquiland, but past winners include Norwegian Marianne Carnold.

Sweden’s Maya Stark, who has already won three Ladies European Tour (LET) wins, has high hopes for a new revelation of European golf. (ANSA).

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