Golob advocates employee involvement in response to criticism

Ljubljana – Freedom Leader and Most Probably New Prime Minister Robert Golob envisions employee involvement in response to criticism that the next coalition will squeeze the economy. He said he was. He said Slovenia is not a serfdom country, which is a reference to formal Slovenian theater.

Golob said the notion that it is only the employer who decides how social dialogue develops, following the first extraordinary meeting of the new parliament, is outdated.

He said it would never add value unless Slovenia actively involved employees in co-management and “co-ownership of the company as needed.”

“The employer is the master that the worker must obey unconditionally, and the system in which the worker has no say is serfdom. I don’t want to be a serfdom, and I don’t,” Golob said. He emphasized referring to the play “Serfdom” by Ivan Tsangkar (1876-1918), one of Slovenia’s most famous writers.

Golob added that employee involvement efforts are part of the emerging coalition’s election platform, which is favored by most voters. He is pleased to see that they have the full and unanimous support of trade unions and worker representatives.

The draft coalition recently came from several economists who described it as unrealistic and an example of “left-wing populism,” and the Chamber of Commerce (GZS), which described it as lacking a stronger focus on the economy. Collected criticisms.

The criticism also raised concerns that some of the health care agreements would be leveled and doctors’ side jobs would be banned. This is a potential measure refuted by Daniel Besic Loredan, a candidate for the Health Minister’s post.

Mr Golob said the coalition was praised by “users of the health system, those who are fed up with the fact that public health is not working.” He added that people welcome measures to help the system perform its public function.

According to Golob, the criticism comes from a few medical professionals. “They are basically exploited by some of their colleagues. By those who receive the highest rewards and work by their side,” Golob said. Golob advocates employee involvement in response to criticism

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