Golob announces rapid renovation of one of the country’s leading theaters

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Robert Golov announced on Friday that the renovation work of the SNG drama in Ljubljana will begin quickly. Visiting the country’s main theater with Minister of Culture Asta Vlechko after delays in preparing for the renovation, Golob expressed surprise that the building was allowed to collapse to its present state.

“Politicians like to talk about how culture is the foundation of the Slovenian nation. said Golob, who also met

The prime minister announced that the renovation, which is “a government-wide development project, not a single ministry project,” will be covered with all the key documents needed to start investing immediately.

Golob announced at the end of August that the government would include the project in the National Program of Development Projects to complement the 2022 and 2023 national budgets.

“The previous government, after all, was unable to secure funding for the serious renovation of what is one of our most important cultural institutions,” said Blechko.

“This also applies to the previous government, which, despite all its promises, did not allocate funds for this in the 2022 and 2023 budgets,” Vrečko added, adding that under the new government the situation would be different. The drama will be revamped,” he said. as soon as”.

The theater building will be renovated according to plans by architectural studio Bevk Perović Arhitekti, which won a public competition in 2017. In 2019, his three-year funding contract was signed with the Ministry of Culture.

The project made headlines last November when the theater’s longtime director, Igor Samobor, resigned.

Vasco Simoniti, Minister of Culture at the time, acknowledged that the renovation would be delayed, but insisted that the ministry wanted to resolve certain issues to ensure transparency of the project.

The renovation was originally estimated at €60 million, but the price was soon reduced to €45 million. “These are very high numbers and they call on the state finance officials, the ministers, to be responsible, to give an accurate answer,” said Mr Simoniti, who announced that the renovations would continue, but with a reduced budget. Golob announces rapid renovation of one of the country’s leading theaters

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