Golob says fuel shortage is a scandal

Lubrana – Prime Minister Robert Golob rushed to a service station on Monday in anticipation of a price increase on Tuesday due to the launch of a new pricing model, causing several gas stations across the country to run out of fuel on Sunday and today. Said it was scandalous.

Fuel retailers claim that this was caused by rising demand and supply problems, but Economy Minister Mattiage Han today assured the public that there was sufficient fuel stockpiles in the country.

“I think this is a scandal in every way,” Golob said, saying retailers should have foreseen increased demand and prepared better.

“I understand that the announced price increases put some pressure on the public on the one hand. On the other hand, the retailer’s obligations are very clear. We needed to make sure we didn’t run out of fuel. It happened all over the country at the same time, “he said after a meeting with the public-sector trade union today.

“This means that the situation may have been predicted and appropriate action may have been taken,” he emphasized, as gas stations ran out of fuel across the country.

Golob is also in the market today to find out if retailers are in compliance with current regulated prices, if they check sales and inventories, and if consumers can be misleading. I look forward to a report from the inspector.

“I never imagined this would happen if someone wouldn’t be able to prepare for such a situation, not because of people, but because of pure speculation over a few euros,” he said. Stated.

Labor Minister Luka Mesek also commented on the issue in Maribor today, and if speculation is involved and fuel retailers do not want to intentionally sell fuel before price increases, this is “a crisis for their own benefit.” It means using and boosting people. ” Poverty to make money during the crisis. “

He said this was not only dishonest, but also morally wrong and should be “punished under the strongest conditions.”

Nada Dorobune Popovich, chairman of the energy company’s petrol, denied that fuel retailers had run short to profit from the highs as of Tuesday.

She also said that Slovenia’s largest fuel retailer, the company, put into operation all tankers available in Slovenia last Wednesday, but cannot guarantee that the problem will go away after midnight.

“We are running all service stations at full capacity,” she guarantees, announcing that the entire network will be back to normal by Friday at the latest.

However, if the pressure continues for the next few days, delivery to some stations may take longer.

She provided some statistics: Gasoline has increased sales of foreign trucks by 500% and sales along the highway by 300% since Thursday.

“When the fuel truck arrives at the service station, the fuel will be sold at the average service station within three hours,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party (SDS), which until recently led the government, turned to the new government.

MP Branko Grims said when he held a new meeting on another topic, he was “proven to be completely incompetent and uncooperative” on fuel price issues.

He emphasizes that “damage is irreparable” and wonders how fuel shortages will be sent abroad at the beginning of the national tourism season.

If this were a responsible government, it would have held an emergency meeting on Sunday to act and prevent this speculative fuel shortage, Grims said.

Demand for automotive fuel this weekend after the government reintroduced regular gasoline and diesel price regulations outside the highway network for a year last week and adopted a decree that completely liberalizes highway network prices. Has increased.

The decree, which also suspended certain environmental obligations to determine the final price of fuel, came into force on May 11 and set a nationwide regulation that sets the price of regular gasoline at € 1.56 and the price of diesel at € 1.668 per liter. Finish.

Starting tomorrow, off the freeway, regular gasoline will be priced at € 1.755 per liter and diesel will be priced at € 1.848 until July 4th.

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Po njenih besedah ​​sicer ne morejo zagotoviti, dabodo popolnočitežave zgorivomod pravljene. “Mismovse razpoložljivecisterne, ki so na voljo v Sloveniji, žeodsredenaprej dalivsistem. Na polno polnimo vsa prodajna mesta”, she is napovedala je she is zagotovila, da bo najpozneje dopetkavsaprodajnamreža normalnovzpostl. Vdružbison amrečopozorili, da bo dobava, čebo pritisk tudi v naslednjih dneh ostaltakšen, kot je zdaj, donekaterih točilnihmestlah kotrajala tudi dopetka ali pašedlje.

Stanje jepredsednicaupravenajvečjeganaftnegatrgovcaponazorilatudisštevilkami. Odčetrtka dodanes beležijo 500-odstot novečjo prodajotujihtovornjakovter 300-odstot novečjo prodajona avtocest nemkrižu. “Kocister napridena bencinski servis, jonapov prečnemprodajnemmestuv trehurahžeproda jointiz praznijo”, je povedala. Golob says fuel shortage is a scandal

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