Good news for canoe players: allowed to cross the river in High Tatras

However, strict rules apply.

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The National Park Reform, approved last year, has brought first benefits to national park visitors. Wild water lovers received their first boarding point in the Tatra National Park (TANAP) on the Belá River.

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Tatra Travel Guide: A fresh view of Slovakia's stunning soul.
Tatra Travel Guide: A fresh view of Slovakia’s stunning soul. (Source: Magnificent Slovakia)

The meandering upstream of the river has access only to single-seat canoes and kayaks. Canoeers can kayak just before the formation of the Bella River, about 150 meters from the confluence of the Titi and Koplovsky rivers.

The route starts near the gamekeeper’s lodge

“The purpose of national park reform was also the development of the tourism industry,” said Environment Minister Ján Budaj, as quoted by TASR Newswire. He attended the opening ceremony. “We are standing in response to the demands of adrenaline enthusiasts, responding to the view of the beautiful natural phenomenon of the formation of wild rivers thanks to the confluence of the two streams.”

If you are interested, follow the tourist attraction and you will arrive at the boarding point from the parking lot of Podbanské (Liptovský Mikuláš district). The trail begins near the Tichá gamekeeper’s lodge.

However, strict rules apply to canoe players. Strict members of tourism or sports organizations focused on water tourism or water slalom in single-seater kayaks (K1) or canoes (C1) can ride the rapids of the Bella River and get off only at designated locations. can do.

The exact rules for paddler are determined by the list of reserved locations in Tatra National Park. This list also defines when paddler is allowed to be on the water. They can start sailing Bella as early as an hour after sunrise, but they must be on the shore an hour before sunset.

Common points with canoe players

Sports enthusiasts are also limited by the amount of water on the riverbed where they have access to the canoe.

“We are pleased to find something in common with Paddler, who has long worked to formalize activities in Slovakia’s oldest national park,” said Pavol Majko, director of Tatra National Park, quoted by TASR. Says.

Thanks to this starting point, they can enjoy the meandering of the river with rafting up to 3.5 km. The meandering of the river is known not only for its ferocity, but also for its unlimited beauty, Majko added.

“There are a lot of rare flora and fauna here, you can see beautiful scenery, and the opportunity to feel the wilderness in rafting is definitely indescribable,” Magico summarized.

Spectacular Slovak Travel Guide Good news for canoe players: allowed to cross the river in High Tatras

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