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Google announces new measures to protect user privacy

The search giant is currently requesting that the user’s home address, phone number, and email account be deleted.

Ultimately, Google responds to users’ desire to protect their privacy. (Reuters)

Google at Alphabet Inc has begun accepting people’s requests to remove search results, including home addresses, phone numbers, and email accounts. This is the latest change in stance between personal privacy and access to information.

The world’s most used Internet search tool was on Wednesday, with its removal policy expanding following the evolution of norms about threats posed by increasing user demand and easy access to contact details. Said that.

In an exclusive interview, Google Search Global Policy Leader Michelle Chan said, “Surveys have found that there is a large amount of personal information that users consider sensitive.”

“They are increasingly not wanting to tolerate this content online.”

So far, Google has only accepted requests to delete web pages that share contact information with certain threats, or the payments required to delete them. Also, links to bank accounts, credit card numbers and medical records have been removed.

In recent years, we receive tens of thousands of requests each year and approve about 13 percent of them.

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Requests will be processed within a few days

Chang said he expects approval rates to increase under the extended rules. This also allows you to remove links to sensitive login credentials.

Older Google policies allow you to request removal of unwanted pornography or results directed to “inaccurate, inappropriate, irrelevant, or excessive” personal information in Europe.

Last year, Google began allowing minor photos to be deleted.

In evaluating requests under the contact information policy, Chang said Google aims to maintain data availability for the public good.

It also does not remove information that “appears as part of public records on government or official sources’ sites.”

According to the company, requests are usually processed within a few days.

Web pages that Google drops can be accessed via other search engines or directly, and Chan is encouraged by users to contact publishers to address the “root of the problem.” Said.

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