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Google Arms Israel With Advanced AI, Machine Learning Capabilities, Report Reveals – Middle East Monitor

Google is reportedly providing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to the Israeli government through its controversial “Project Nimbus” contract. intercept.

“This project aims to provide governments, defense agencies and others with comprehensive cloud solutions,” the ministry said in a statement.

according to intercept, Training documents and videos obtained through a publicly accessible educational portal for Nimbus users are used by Google to provide the Israeli government with machine learning and AI tools including face detection, automatic image classification, object tracking, and even sentiment analysis. making it clear that there is Emotional content of photos, speeches and texts via the Google cloud platform.

Jack Poulson, director of the watchdog group Tech Inquiry, gave the portal’s address to intercept“The former head of security for Google Enterprise, who now heads Oracle’s Israeli branch, said one of Nimbus’ goals was to prevent the German government from demanding data related to the Israel Defense Forces from the International Criminal Court. We publicly argued that it was to prevent it.”

“Given Human Rights Watch’s conclusion that the Israeli government is committing the ‘crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution’ against the Palestinian people, Google and Amazon’s AI surveillance support for the IDF is best documented. is important,” he added.

Israel’s use of surveillance and facial recognition appears to be one of the most sophisticated deployments of such technology by a country seeking to control its target population, according to experts at digital civil rights group AccessNow. .

israeli soldier participated in the competition To find out who took the most photos of Palestinian faces, including children and the elderly, in 2019, The Washington Post said that “at least” the total number of photos collected was “in the thousands.” ,” he said.

Mona Shtaya, a digital rights advocate at 7amleh, said, “After living for years under the surveillance state, I have learned that all information collected in the Israeli/Palestinian context can be securitized and militarized. .

“Among other things, image recognition, facial recognition and sentiment analysis will increase the power of the surveillance state to violate Palestinian privacy rights and create a sense of the Panopticon, which is the Palestinian main purpose. It will make it easier to manage the Palestinian population.”

The massive $1.2 billion contract, known as Project Nimbus, is one of Israel’s largest tech infrastructure ventures. The deal was signed with the Israeli military last May following a bid in which the Israeli military beat out other giants like Microsoft. Google and Amazon will provide Tel Aviv and its military with his services his technology in the cloud.

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