Google pays more than 300 EU publishers for news, more coming

alphabet GOOGL.O Unit Google has signed a contract to pay more than 300 publishers in Germany. France In news from four other EU countries, the company said it plans to roll out a tool that makes it easy for others to register. Reuters..

The move, publicly announced later Wednesday, follows the adoption of the groundbreaking EU copyright rules three years ago, with Google and other online platforms working for musicians, performers, writers, news publishers and journalists. It is obligatory to pay the usage fee of.

Among Google’s most intense critics, news publishers have long urged the government to ensure that online platforms pay fair rewards for content. Australia mandated such payments last year, but Canada introduced a similar law last month. Read the full text

“So far, we have contracts in Germany, Hungary and Hungary to cover more than 300 national, regional and specialized news publications. FranceAustria, the Netherlands, Ireland, and more are underway, “said Sulina Conal, director of the news and publishing partnership, in a blog post seen by Reuters, which will be published later Wednesday. ..

The blog didn’t say how much publisher was paid.

Two-thirds of this group are German publishers such as Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In a blog post, Conal announced the launch of a new tool that will offer offers to thousands of news publishers, starting with Germany and Hungary and expanding to other EU countries in the coming months. ” Said.

This tool provides publishers with an extended news preview agreement that allows Google to display snippets and thumbnails for a license fee.

(Reuters) Google pays more than 300 EU publishers for news, more coming

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