Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Great True Wireless Earphones for Android Users

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Great True Wireless Earphones for Android Users

The first “professional” Pixel Buds

The reason why Google’s vast resources take nearly five years to release flagship-class true wireless earphones remains a mystery forever.However Google Pixel Buds Pro Finally, it’s the most premium and advanced earphone ever.

It has all the features you would expect from a set of flagship class earphones. Active noise canceling, water resistance, ambient sound mode, wireless charging, multipoint connection and more. Especially exciting with the Pixel Buds Pro is one of the flagship-class true wireless earphones available for S $ 299. So it comes at a great price and has a lot of features, but is it something good? Let’s check.

Design and function

The black and white color scheme is reminiscent of a stormtrooper.

PixelBuds Pro Pixel Buds A series last year’s. The charging case is similar, and the earphones themselves look like Pixel Buds A series earphones without earhooks.

The Pixel Buds Pro was announced in four colors, but only one is available in Singapore (don’t ask why). charcoal, This is a fancy way to say it’s really black. Since the charging case is white, the entire device has a dramatic monochromatic stormtrooper-like color scheme.

The charging case charges via USB-C and supports wireless charging.Claimed battery life is maximum 7 hours with ANC on To 20 hours in the charging case.. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to properly test these claims. But what I can say is that the earphones lasted several business days with on and off listening (a total of about 15 hours) without the need for charging. So Google’s claim is probably correct.

The charging case is compact and can be charged wirelessly via USB-C or with a Qi compatible wireless charger.

The important point is that the PixelBuds Pro is compact. The charging case is about the same size as your AirPods Pro, so it fits easily in your pocket. The earphones themselves are smooth, bean-like and light. They easily slip into your ears and sit there comfortably for hours.

Google offers a pair of small eartips and large eartips, and I’ve found that I need a larger one to get a good fit. With the larger eartips, the buds felt pretty snug, but not as safe as their rivals. Apple AirPods Pro When Sony WF-1000XM4.. Part of the reason is that the silicon chips are not that deep. Of course, the advantage is that these earphones are more comfortable to wear. Especially for those who don’t like sticking things in their ears. These earphones are IPX4 waterproof so you can exercise.

As you would expect from Google’s flagship-class earphones, PixelBuds Pro has a fast pairing feature that works with Android 6.0+ devices. The Pixel Buds Pro also has a touch sensor, which is one of the better implementations I’ve seen. First, the sensor is responsive, and by default you can use the touch sensor to adjust volume, control playback, and enable the Google Assistant. It’s a good idea to go to the Pixel Buds app (more on that later) and customize a bit so that one earphone activates the Google Assistant and the other earphone switches between ANC mode and transparent mode. .. In this way, you have full control over your earphones.

The app is very clean and easy to navigate, but again, the features are very light. Especially missing is the EQ feature for adjusting the sound.

PixelBuds Pro Pixel Buds app.. The app is clean and easy to use, but light in functionality. This allows users to customize the functionality of the touch sensor and Google Assistant. If you’re not sure if the buds are fitted correctly, there is a handy eartip seal test. You can’t adjust the ANC level like Sonys does. Also, very strangely, it doesn’t have an EQ function, so it suffers from the sound of buds.

Also, PixelBuds Pro is strange Supports multipoint connections, but is not enabled by default.. You need an app to turn it on. But once I run it, it works fine. Switch source devices very seamlessly.

Noise cancellation & transparency mode

These grills need to influence why Pixel Buds Pro's ANC is so good.

This is the first Pixel Buds with active noise cancellation, but Google is crazy about how it works. This feature can only be said to be possible for the following reasons: Custom 6-core audio chip “Runs an algorithm developed by Google.” We also market a technology called Silent Seal that “adapts” to the shape of the ear and maximizes the amount of blocked noise. It is also said that each earphone has three microphones.

It’s all great, and decisively, it all works. The active noise canceling feature of the Pixel Buds Pro is one of the best features I’ve heard. Of course, part of this depends on the goodness of the seal you can achieve. I don’t currently have a Sony WF-1000XM4, but in my memory the PixelBuds Pro is about as good. It is eerily capable of blocking low frequency noise and wind noise.

There is also an ambient sound mode where you can hear the surrounding sounds, which Google calls transparent mode. According to Google, the Pixel Buds “process a wide range of frequencies with low latency” to keep the effects naturally synchronized. The end result is sorry, but not so good. There is no recognizable delay between what you hear and what is happening, but there is anxiety that some frequencies have been discarded and some have been overemphasized. I don’t know if I can trust it. The comfort is that whatever you hear actually sounds very natural.

Sound quality

The sound is Custom designed 11mm dynamic driver.. Google did not reveal the material of the driver’s diaphragm. However, they said the drivers were in-house tuned by their own audio engineering team with an emphasis on clean bass, clarity and dynamics.

As with any earphone, you need the right seal to get the best sound. Thankfully, the Pixel Buds app has features that help users check their stickers.

The first thing I noticed about the Pixel Buds Pro was the width of the sound and the loudness of the sound that sounds like you’re listening to speakers. Imaging and staging are great for earphones.

Indeed, the bass is certainly very clean and has a body feel with just a touch of fullness. However, the overall level is low and the PixelBuds Pro is one of the most bass shy earphones I’ve heard. The quality is impeccable, but you can use a little more. Also, the app doesn’t have an EQ feature, so you can’t change the way it sounds.

Fortunately, the mids and trebles are very good. The midrange is smooth and full-bodied, and the treble is clear and easy on the ears. The net effect of these is that PixelBuds Pro has outstanding transparency and air.

If there’s anything I like, it’s a collapse (the way the sound ends). The note seems to drop off and quit abruptly. This seems most obvious on drums and strings. This makes the Pixel Buds Pro an artificial and synthetic sound, especially when listening to music with lots of drums and strings, such as rock and jazz.

But overall, the Pixel Buds Pro is one of the best-sounding earphones you can buy today. As I said, it can be done with more bass energy and more natural sound attenuation, but these drawbacks are because the staging and the way it handles mids and trebles is so good. It’s easy to overlook.

Musical pixel

Android users looking for true wireless earphones should definitely add PixelBuds Pro to their list of candidates.

Android users can be pleased to know that there is another true wireless earphone available for purchase. The Pixel Buds Pro features tight integration with Android, excellent ANC, and excellent battery life, providing exceptional sound. And as I said at the beginning S $ 299, This is one of the most affordable flagship class true wireless earphones available. And given its features and capabilities, it turns out to be one of the best cost-effective earphones you can buy. Given that this is Google’s first attempt at high-end earphones with ANC, it’s an impressive and almost great effort. Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Great True Wireless Earphones for Android Users

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