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Goons suspects a Muslim seller selling meat might destroy his cart

A Hindutva villain destroyed a Muslim seller’s food cart and plundered his piggy bank in Sadhana, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The vandalism arose from allegations of selling meat-based biryani at Hindu festivals.

Sajid, who has been operating from Kurt for more than 3 years, was instructed by police officers not to sell biryani verbally the day before, instructed not to sell biryani from the next day, and offered soy biryani instead. did.

On Sunday, a group of people gathered around Sajid’s cart, claiming he was selling mutton, flipping his cart, rupeeing food, and cashing over 15,000 rupees, despite his protests. Was plundered.

Hindutva costumes have voiced opposition to the meat sold during the Hindu festival in Navaratri.

“It was a normal business day for me. Some people came and asked what food I was selling. I told them that soy biryani. They violate the rules. He continued to say that he was selling “non-vegetarians.” By the time I noticed, my entire stall had been turned over. They were abusing us over and over again. ” India Express 21-year-old Sajid talked about his trials.

In the video that appeared on Twitter, you can see a lot of people gathering around the cart in support of Sajid. As police try to calm the tense atmosphere, lumps of soybeans float in the small food left on the ship.

A group led by Sachin Khatik, the head of Sangeet Som Sena, associated with former BJP parliamentarian Sangeet Som, was booked by Sardhana police in an attempt to disrupt community peace by destroying food dealer carts. However, no arrests have been made so far.

On Wednesday, a video from Sadhana surfaced. There you can see Khatik, surrounded by a group of people, walking down the street chanting the slogan. Jai Shree Lamb When Vendée Mataram.. He even shouts a slogan that incites violence against those who do not stick to the spirit of mobs.

In another video, police officers are trying to solve the problem, struggling to calm the raging Katick who claims that meat is sold in stores on the first day of Navaratri. Corrupt their religion. “

“I’m more religious than you. Calm down. Understand the situation,” officials say.

By the end of one of the videos, police officers say “one person is enough” for him to teach them lessons. To make matters worse, at the end of the video, he imposed the famous Hindi abuse on the Islamic vendor in question.

During the Hindu festival, when people refrain from eating meat for nine days, Hindutva costumes against meat sold in restaurants and shops are increasing community tensions in the country.

Islamic butchers are for sale in Karnataka Halal meat The Hindutva villain beat a shopkeeper or butcher who offered no meat other than Halal / Jatka.

In Delhi, South Delhi Municipal Enterprises Ban A butcher who runs a business with the issue of “hygiene”. This is the first time a civic group has requested the closure of a butcher under its jurisdiction during the period of Navaratri, which is being monitored from April 2 to 11.

https://www.siasat.com/up-goons-suspect-muslim-vendor-of-selling-meat-vandalise-his-cart-2303644/ Goons suspects a Muslim seller selling meat might destroy his cart

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