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Executive Director and Lead PR Expert at M3 Communications Group, Inc. Maxim Behar Recounts his encounter with a politician who changed the course of history – Mikhail Gorbachev.

No one in the world, not even the best Soviet experts, expected a politician who would change the world in just a few days.

… It was past midnight. After a glass or two of wine, I had already fallen asleep when the only national television at the time interrupted to broadcast the live event from Reykjavík.Press conference of the then almost newly elected Soviet leaders Mikhail Gorbachev And experienced American President George Bush … it was about 4 years

Before communism collapsed in Bulgaria

And no one yet believed that this insane story would end.I was watching Gorbachev At that late hour, the wine woke me up in seconds, even though I had a good night’s sleep. I didn’t really believe what I was hearing, but my whole skin recognized only one message from his words – we will never continue to live like this again.. .

That’s exactly what happened!

so many books have been written Mikhail Gorbachev So many movies have been made that probably whatever someone wrote will be repeated..

every repetition is evidence

The indisputable truth that this very man changed history and brought both East and West to life. They transformed that very breath into infinite freedom.

Don’t tell me I started a revolution. Good job guys. My role was only to listen to you, or rather to listen to you…

Many years after the historic meeting in Reykjavik, Mikhail Gorbachev approached me to answer my question. The lobby bar of the Sheraton Hotel was packed with people, at least half of whom had gathered to catch a glimpse of him.

The Atlantic Club invited about 2,000 people to the hall as usual,

There were 200 seats…

I asked him where he found the courage to change the course of this enormous Soviet authoritarian institution so dramatically.

Well, no courage was needed. It was clear that this could not continue. The world was different, the people were different… Well, we were all different, so we wanted a more normal world with human faces…

With my pen in my hand, I interrupted him with a rather surprised look on my face…”Human face!

Isn’t that what Czechs and Slovaks wanted?

In that distant 1968, their demands were suppressed by Soviet tanks, and socialism with its inhuman face has long returned to the countries …

this is different“, Gorbachev teach. “Of course it was a mistake, but it was also due to the regime at the time. Now we all want to catch our breath and create a new world. That’s why I did what I had to do… Many people claim I destroyed the Soviet Union, but that’s not true. It naturally collapsed. Weak foundations. The system naturally collapsed because it was built on top of

We talked for almost an hour, and I was struck by the fluidity, confidence, and composure the man opposite me spoke. but he did not miss those who passed by and saw him in amazement.

Gorbachevis it him?

Not a look-alike brought from Madame Tussauds only to be displayed at the Sheraton Hotel, but an original authentic piece.

He actually did what seemed impossible in human life.

Was there something concrete, a tactic, a strategy, a great secret plan…‘, I asked him and I knew it

This answer turns the whole conversation around.

Of course‘ replied Gorbachev pretty seriously. “I had to get rid of all these people who wanted the totalitarian government to stay and everything to go on as before. I don’t know if it was a tactic as you say,

But let’s put that definition aside…

it’s yours The important thing is that we were successful.And hopefully it was good

Well, in 2022, apparently, we’re all confused.why the war with Ukraine took place and where GorbachevWho didn’t learn the lesson, didn’t respect history properly…? In fact, it’s just history that evaluates what is happening, and we already know the outcome.

The important thing is that we do what is best for our children“, Said Mikhail Gorbachev Finally, I somehow asked a question: “And do you have children?

two“, I answer.

My son’s name is Michael. He was born just when the whole world admired you. His name was not without your influence…

Gorbachevor as the whole world called him, Gorby rose slowly and whispered in amazement.Respect! thank you very much!

In fact, it is I, we, the world who must say these words to him.

Thanks to all his “grip” and at least 30 years of peace.

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