Government announces amnesty for illegally imported used cars

President Lopez Obrador announced on Wednesday that illegally imported cars will be normalized.

The amnesty agreement will be signed this weekend, he confirmed at his morning press conference.

The president said crime prevention was the main motive for amnesty. “”[The cars] It may be used to commit crimes and is not registered and will be normalized. We will normalize them all, give them permission, and be granted ownership, “he said.

Lopez Obrador added that registration of such vehicles would be low cost, given that many owners of illegal vehicles are low-income and bought those vehicles for low prices. .. “They are going to pay a fair amount … they are going to pay fees and donations,” he said, and added that the money would be used for a national program to reduce potholes.

The president apparently got the idea for the program from Tijuana officials. On a tour of Baja California in June, he told reporters that authorities had requested such a program before the election.

Baja California is currently running an amnesty program launched in September. It will end on October 31st.

The president said Wednesday that other border states would be the first to implement a similar amnesty program. When these programs are over, other states will follow suit, Lopez Obrador said.

However, some in the automotive industry are skeptical.

The Mexican Automobile Dealers Association (AMDA) called the president’s plan a “hit to car trade” and said it motivated wrong behavior. “As long as normalization takes place on a regular basis, the illegal imports and corruption seen in the customs sector will be encouraged,” he said in a statement.

Illegal cars are sold in lots of cars from 15,000 pesos (about US $ 730) to 60,000 pesos (about US $ 2,919), mainly in Central Mexico, but most of their parts are hard to find in Mexico, news site Infobae report.

In the report from Infobae Government announces amnesty for illegally imported used cars

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