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Government Condition Report “Misleading” Claiming India Missed Vax Target

New Delhi: Sunday’s union health ministry said a recent news article by the reputed international news agency, which claims India failed to meet its vaccination goals, is misleading and does not give the big picture.

In the fight against the pandemic, India’s national Covid-19 vaccination program is one of the most successful and largest programs compared to many advanced western countries with significantly lower vaccination population bases. The ministry said in a statement.

On this drive, India has achieved some unprecedented milestones in the world. This includes taking doses above 100 chlores in less than 9 months, 2.51 chlores daily, and several doses of 1 chlore per day.

So far, India has given eligible citizens more than 90% of the first dose and 65% of the second dose, according to the ministry.

Presenting immunization status in other developed countries, the ministry covers only 73.2% of the population in the United States and 75.9% of the population in the United Kingdom for initial dose coverage to eligible populations. , France said it covered 78.3% of its population, and Spain covered 84.7% of its population. India already covers 90% of the eligible population with the first dose of vaccine against Covid-19.

Similarly, in the second dose, the United States covered only 61.5% of the population, the United Kingdom covered 69.5%, France covered 73.2%, and Spain covered 81% of the population. India covers more than 65% of the target population with a second vaccination against Covid-19.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has further strengthened its fight against the Covid pandemic in India, approving two additional vaccines in December 2021 and the number of vaccines approved for use in India’s emergencies. Was increased to 8.

https://www.siasat.com/govt-terms-reports-claiming-india-missed-vax-targets-misleading-2251820/ Government Condition Report “Misleading” Claiming India Missed Vax Target

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