‘Government. Eager to implement 13A’

PC Foreign Minister Ali Sabry has declared that the government is keen to implement the 13th Amendment. The minister said so in response to a question of his Sidhant Sibal, who represents WION. Sibal quoted the Minister as saying: Political parties also voted.As for that particular vote, a new demarcation of the state should be made, but it has not been done and there are some legal hurdles to that.

Unfortunately it was their own act, and at the time they did it to prevent an election, resulting in the current impasse, but of course they implemented the 13th Amendment and were with them. We need to empower them and delegate them. To locals, locals must engage in activities of their choosing. Yes, the 13th Amendment needs to be implemented, and governments are keen to implement it. Yes, India has been covered in various forums including UNHRC. “ ‘Government. Eager to implement 13A’

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