“Government has shown that it doesn’t care about the nursing sector” – MUMN

Semira Abbas Sharan

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 14:02
Last updated: about 17 minutes ago

The government has shown that it does not care about the profession of nurses and nurses, as the working conditions and shortage of nurses in Malta are becoming a national crisis, Malta midwives and nurses said. Said Paul Pace, the president of the Union.

At the annual International Nurses and Midwives Day press conference on Tuesday, the pace is that the shortage of nurses in Malta has resulted in harsh working conditions for nurses and midwives, resulting in services in hospitals and clinics. Said that it would lead to a shortage of.

Pace is a nurse’s “poaching”, especially from the government, where nurses rob private institutions to work with the government and express regret and anger at how nurses have been ignored by the government. bottom.

According to Pace, there is a shortage of about 600 people, and the Ministry of Health’s only solution was to hire nurses from third-world countries that were also “poached” by the private organizations CareMalta and HealthMark. Mr. Pace said that 15% to 20% of Malta’s nurse workforce is made up of foreigners.

He said the government was taking nurses from private organizations that were struggling to hire the same nurses in the first place, and their efforts were not acknowledged.

He talked about the difficulties the union is facing to recruit nurses who would have already decided to continue to be doctors when they graduated from college.

In addition, the working conditions are so bad that nurses leave their profession to engage in other jobs such as games, Pace said.

MUMN presents a sectoral agreement for consultation with the Government. This includes some suggestions for alleviating the problem of staff shortages and improving existing working conditions. According to Pace, there are nursing students in the proposal who receive a better wage, a fixed allowance for students, and a minimum wage throughout the study instead of a scholarship. He also said there would be an incentive to return the former nurse to the workforce.

Now, in order for nurses and midwives to be able to take a legitimate vacation, they need to ask another colleague if they can cover the shift in overtime, Pace said.

He also talked about the fact that nurses do not have any form of protection against situations that are out of control due to lack of staff. In particular, he mentioned police accusations against Joseph Pace, a nurse and MCH manager at Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH) in 2017. , The union argued that it had to be fixed and removed immediately.

Mr. Pace said the union would discuss with the Under Secretary of Health to resolve the matter, hoping that the charges would be withdrawn.

“If it was a mistake, the union wouldn’t have defended the pace, but this was unjustified against him and the union would run for it. After the nurses put all their energy into their work, they were portrayed as criminals. It’s unreasonable. The staff shortage isn’t the nurse’s fault, “Pace said.

MUMN also expressed disappointment with the government, which the Ministry of Health is ignoring the union’s mental welfare programs that need to be funded.

“It makes no sense to talk about significant improvements in mental health in election programs during campaigns where promises have not yet been fulfilled,” the union said.

In protest, Mr. Pace said the annual meeting would be held on the premises of MUMN, not the Ministry of Health where it was held.

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