Government passes measures to ease pain of skyrocketing energy costs

Many people in the Czech Republic are feeling the pinch due to high gas and electricity prices, and are preparing to make things worse with the arrival of winter.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said the electricity price hike had exceeded even the worst expectations.

His government on Wednesday approved a package aimed at alleviating some of the economic pain.

Introducing these measures, Mr Fiala said they were the final form of the umbrella scheme to cover the costs of the Cabinet.

He also said the Czech government is doing more than many other countries to help voters deal with inflation.

Petr Fiala | Photo: René Volfík, Czech Radio

“The government has allocated a total of 177 billion CZK crowns to support citizens. According to an international comparison by the independent body IFIs [Independent Fiscal Institutions Network], fourth in the entire European Union in terms of the degree of support it provides to its citizens. The support our government has prepared for its citizens is massive, targeted and proactive. “

Fiala said the measures were tailored to meet the needs of different sectors of Czech society.

“The government has created targeted measures to varying degrees and for different population groups. The basis of our support is the so-called energy conservation fee and renewable energy fee waivers.”

In fact, the fee exemption for renewable resources applies not only to households, but also to businesses and organizations. As with financial assistance, this will take effect from October.

In terms of what energy efficiency tariffs mean for individual households, Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela elaborated.

“A small household with low consumption will receive approximately CZK 11,000. increase.”

Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Sikela | Photo: René Volfík,

The average amount people receive is CZK15,000, with the first CZK4,000 expected to arrive this year.

Sikera said households can accurately calculate how much assistance they will receive via a special online app.

This year’s energy allowance will be paid through power contracts, but in 2023 people will receive it through individual utilities, meaning electricity, gas and heat.

Mr. Sikera told reporters that he supports capping electricity prices across Europe. If the EU decides on such a course, the Czech Republic will be one of the countries to support it, he said.

Chancellor Fiala plans to discuss such a cap with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz when he visits Prague on Monday. Government passes measures to ease pain of skyrocketing energy costs

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