Government plans administrative “innovation ecosystem” / article

“In the report, the Prime Minister identified the investment needed by the Recovery Fund to develop innovation capabilities in the public sector and thereby improve the quality of its services,” the release said.

The reform is “to significantly improve the innovation capacity of the public sector in order to develop a modern and efficient administration. Such an administration attracts competitive staff and makes it a citizen. We can improve the services we provide and make our citizens more convenient and convenient. It is accessible to different groups of society. “

To achieve this goal, a regulatory framework will be established to manage the functioning of the innovation ecosystem, and further innovation labs will be developed to test new solutions and services.

“With the development of the public sector innovation ecosystem, innovation experts will be attracted, appropriate coworking spaces, technical equipment, training will be provided to relevant staff, a digital environment will be created, and other necessary measures will be taken. It will be done. It will be taken. “

There were few specific details other than confirmation that the collection fund would provide € 900,000 to implement the measures. The project will be implemented by mid-2025.

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