Government plans to announce state of emergency-Costa-English

(ANSA)-Rome, June 21-Andrea Costa, Under Secretary of Health, will allow the government to request a state of emergency from Italy’s most affected areas of the severe and ongoing drought on Tuesday. Said there was.
“There are conditions necessary to declare a state of emergency,” Costa told SkyTG24.
“We must support the agricultural sector, which is important not only for what it produces, but also for our country because of the way it maintains its territory.”
Drought warnings have spread from the Po Valley, where water is three-quarters lower in the worst droughts of 70 years, to central rivers such as the Arno, Aniene and Tiber rivers. This year, officials said last week.
Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna will demand a state of emergency with the aim of prioritizing the use of water by humans and agriculture.
Lazio, the central region to which Rome belongs, said it had declared a “disaster condition” on Monday.
Poe’s drought threatens more than 30% of the country’s farm production, and the damage is currently estimated at more than € 2 billion.
Water use is already restricted in some areas, and many towns require trucks to bring water.
Affected areas value the adoption of water rations, for example, when pool bans are full.
According to scientists, more frequent and severe droughts are one of the consequences of human-induced climate change. (ANSA).

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