Government Promoting Second Autopsy of Three Americans Who Died in Sandals – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau-The Bahamas encouraged foreign pathologists to request independent autopsy from a family of three Americans who died in Sandals Emerald Bay earlier this month, Dr. Michael Durville, Minister of Health and Welfare. Says.

Mr Durville told reporters that the government is aiming to be “underlying” the cause of death as soon as possible.

Prior to the cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office, the minister said, “These investigations are still underway, in my understanding.”

“They are still some research going on at Sandals Resort. There was also a pathologist who worked in the country and the samples were sent to a very reliable laboratory in the United States.

“The toxicology reports are still outstanding. The deceased’s family has requested that a pathologist be brought in from abroad to perform another autopsy.”

Derville said:

“I don’t know exactly how far it has gone, but we are happy to help those who want to reach the bottom of their loved ones. [death].. And those demands are being enjoyed. At this point, we don’t know exactly where they are. “

Police commissioner Paul Roll said on Sunday that a team of forensic investigators Royal Bahamas (RBPF) visited the United States over the weekend to transport samples from guests and survivors to a laboratory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for results. He said he hadtened it.

He, RBPF, contacted the organization, Information that may be useful in their investigation And RBPF was in the process of arranging a formal interview.

In an interview with Witness news On Sunday, Lime Minister Philip Brave Davis said it yesterday His idea is with his family..

He said premature death was “unfortunate and worrisome,” but it was the government’s hope that the results of the investigation would not hurt the country’s tourism products.

The deceased guests include Robbie and Michael Phillips celebrating the anniversary, and Vincent Chiarello and his wife, Donnis, the only survivors who finally reported a serious condition at a Florida hospital. increase.

Both couples were found in two separate villas by resort staff around 9am on May 6th, after reporting illness the night before.

Authorities have previously stated that fraud was not suspected. Government Promoting Second Autopsy of Three Americans Who Died in Sandals – Eye Witness News

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