Government recognizes second teachers union and takes legal action from BUT – EyeWitness News

Nassau, Bahamas — The government has triggered legal action from the Bahamas Teachers Union and has recognized a second association of teachers as a negotiating agent for educators.

Labor Minister Keith Bell, however, wrote the BUT to show that the government recognizes separate unions, Bahamian educator counselors and coalition workers’ unions as negotiating units for its members.

In response, BUT filed a proceeding on this issue last month and is waiting for the proceedings to begin.

However, President Belinda Wilson refused to comment on Friday because the hearing was pending.

When asked about this issue, Bell said: Continue to be a negotiation agent in New Providence. What happened is that there are groups of teachers from Grand Bahama, Berry, and one or two small islands, and they want to be represented by another separate union.

“they What they did was that they decided to withdraw, though, because they don’t think they’re getting the expression they want.

Bell said at this point the new union was a small union with 100 to 200 members.

“The law allows everyone the right to freedom of association and the freedom to join a union, which is in the Constitution,” he said.

“So they decided that was what they wanted to do.”

“From all the signs, but I feel I’m not authorized to do that. Even I, if there are negotiating agents and some of them are members, will be approved by other unions. No authority. The court makes this decision, but I Bahamians … If I join a union, I have the right to retire, and if I want to join another union, I think someone else should decide. “

In January, the head of the new union, Sandra Major, said the association was growing rapidly.

The union describes it as taking a more constructive and collaborative approach to education, in contrast to BUT’s more radical approach. Government recognizes second teachers union and takes legal action from BUT – EyeWitness News

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