Government repeats carbon-neutral pledge by 2050

João Paulo Catarino, the Secretary of State for Nature Maintenance and Forests in Portugal, has reiterated the government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 85% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“Our commitment is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and reduce emissions by more than 85%. Strengthen the capacity of land use and forest sequestration to up to 13 million tonnes of carbon annuallyCatalino is the closing remark, Coimbra Visaya Barrett Foundation.

But he admitted that this was a big challenge.

The country must do to succeed in meeting it Reduce forest fires by 60%: “By 2050, an average of about 164,000 hectares to 60,000 hectares per year”.

“It’s definitely Huge collective challenge“Catallino said. Great Opportunity for Conservation and Sustainable Growth of Our Forest For the balance of wealth and the urgent conservation of the rural world and our forests. ”

Therefore, the priority is “Change landscapes and countryside spaces“.

He explained that 20% of the country’s forest areas would require “deep intervention” to cut the burned area in half over the next decade.

Through his speech, the Secretary of State was told by the government Resilience and resilience planning (PRR) Post-pandemic recovery fund spending from the European Union Investment of 270 million euros Not only related to landscape transformation reform 136 million euros to prevent wildfires.

“More than these 400 million euroswe will Strengthen the resilience and protection of forest, agriculture and agroforestry systemsThat is, through the planning and ordering of local territories and the promotion of their management with rationality, efficiency and expertise, “he pledged.

To make all this possible, we need to “mobilize” landowners and local governments, but we need to find “dynamic markets” as a result of forestry transformation.

“We Strong interrelationship Among the various agents working in the forestry sector, Production of new materials and products (…)”We Deepening partnerships between the public and private sectors, To ensure the continuity of the project, which is considered structural to the sector. “

Source: Lusa Government repeats carbon-neutral pledge by 2050

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