Government says aviation industry is growing rapidly

The aviation industry is experiencing rapid growth and is attracting a lot of interest, with the addition of five more aircraft operating certificates by the autumn, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Falguia announced at the Malta Aviation Conference & EXPO (MACE).

It further said Malta’s aircraft registry, which has exceeded 700 aircraft, is expected to exceed 800 by next year.

MACE is an international aviation conference held in Malta each year and attracts delegates from all over the world.

The delegates who attend are decision makers in the organization, typically the CEO and other executives, company owners, company directors, investors and others working in the aviation industry. This is a platform for investors and other aviation professionals to meet with local service providers working in the aviation industry.

Minister Fargia said the thriving industry is generating quality jobs across the board. “We are working to ensure that aviation is recognized as a major player in our economy and given the recognition it truly deserves. Jobs become careers, increasing the pool of talent and transferring knowledge. prepares the island for a new wave of young workers attracted to the aviation cluster.”

“As an island nation on the fringe of the EU, we depend on aviation and need to protect our interests from a one-size-fits-all approach. Let’s work together for the sake of Economically for Malta. ”

Similarly, Brigadier General Geoffrey Kurumi, chief executive of the Malta Transport Authority, said the agency’s vision is to continue growing by attracting more businesses to Malta, but this growth needs to be sustainable. said.

“I recognize that expectations remain high. We need to invest in our people and new technology to meet the demands of the future and stay in sync with global developments. The aim is to encourage more young Maltese citizens to seek careers, to take on the many jobs that are being created in the aviation industry,” Kurumi concluded. Government says aviation industry is growing rapidly

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