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Government schools should follow a uniform dress code, says the Ministry of Education.

Bangalore: Regarding the ongoing debate over Muslim students wearing hijab in the classroom, the Karnataka Department of Education ordered on Saturday that all public schools should comply with the uniform dress code announced by the state government. Was issued.

“All public schools must comply with the uniform dress code declared by the state government. Students at private institutions should follow the dress determined by the school’s management,” said the Karnataka State Department of Education. I am.

The department said that without the pre-university college dress code, one could wear clothes that do not affect equality, honesty, law and order.

“Universities under the jurisdiction of the pre-university department instruct the government to follow the clothing determined by the University’s Development Board (CDC). In the absence of such a dress code, students will have equality, honesty and law. You can wear a dress that doesn’t affect order, “said the department.

On February 4, students wearing hijabs were allegedly denied admission to a public university in the Kundapur area of ​​Udupi, Karnataka, while there was a line of scarves in the classroom.

In a similar incident in the state, a student at Chikmagalur University wore a saffron shawl to show protest against a girl wearing a hijab on campus. On Tuesday, many students staged Dana on the same. After that, police officers entered the university grounds and controlled the situation.

https://www.siasat.com/karnataka-govt-schools-should-follow-uniform-dress-code-says-education-dept-2270433/ Government schools should follow a uniform dress code, says the Ministry of Education.

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