Government should step up dissemination of information about monkeypox: DPR

Jakarta (ANTARA)-Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) Puan Maharani calls on the government to strengthen the dissemination and education of monkeypox as the World Health Organization (WHO) declares monkeypox a global health emergency. did.

“Monkeypox has spread to dozens of countries, according to a report from the WHO. Based on the experience faced with COVID-19, Indonesia must be vigilant for monkeypox,” the Speaker of the House said in a statement on Monday. rice field.

Maharani issued a statement in connection with a report from WHO that approximately 16,000 cases of monkeypox were identified in 75 countries, most of which were from Europe and five deaths were recorded in Africa. I told you.

The speaker urged the government to predict the invasion of the disease caused by the monkeypox virus (MPXV) into Indonesia.

According to Maharani, monkeypox has been declared a public health emergency of international concern, and the government needs to carry out early detection.

“We commend the government’s efforts to set up two laboratories for early detection of monkeypox. Make sure your health care facility is ready to deal with the disease. Healthcare professionals Care must be taken to be aware of possible transmissions from monkeypox patients, “she says. She said.

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The Speaker of the House said government readiness to deal with monkeypox could reduce people’s concerns.

She confirmed that the House of Representatives would continue to oversee the government’s preparations for predicting the disease.

“To avoid transmission, we need to raise awareness of practicing a healthy lifestyle, including not sharing personal belongings such as towels and cutlery with others,” she said. Said.

Maharani advised the general public to visit a medical facility immediately if they experienced severe headaches, swelling, low back pain, muscle aches, drowsiness, or fever with a rash.

She warned that monkeypox can be transmitted from pregnant women to the fetus or from parents to children through skin-to-skin contact during pregnancy or after childbirth.

“Therefore, the Maternal and Child Welfare Bill (RUU KIA) is essential to ensure that maternal and child health insurance is implemented in an integrated manner,” she said.

She recommends that WHO implement collaborative responses, including accelerating research on vaccines, treatments and other tools, as a form of precautionary measure against monkeypox, especially from the perspective of vaccine delivery. Encouraged the government to continue to cooperate with other countries.

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