Government spends € 145 million on new measures in the National Action Plan for Child Guarantee

Semira Abbas Sharan

Thursday, June 9, 2022 14:36
Last updated: about 14 minutes ago

The government plans to spend an additional € 145 million on new measures of the National Action Plan for Child Guarantee between 2022 and 2027, adding € 195 million annually to existing ongoing measures. is.

At a press conference on Thursday, Minister of Social Policy and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon launched the National Action Plan for the Guarantee of Children in Malta from 2022 to 2030.

The aim is to provide services and benefits to families with children in need in the areas of social welfare, education, health care, nutrition and housing.

This measure eliminates children’s social exclusion through the implementation of various measures such as social protection, early childhood education and care, education, school-based activities, at least one healthy diet daily, and health care. Helps prevent and fight. It also includes healthy nutrition and effective access to proper housing.

Falzon said children are part of today’s society and the government is responsible for providing the best services and opportunities for children to advance their lives.

The target groups of the action plan live in needy children, that is, children under the age of 18 at risk of poverty and marginalization, and economically vulnerable and unstable families. Children.

Falzon said all children are vulnerable and ensuring access to services is a priority.

Mark Mus of Family and Children’s Rights, Managing Secretary of the Ministry of Social Justice and Solidarity, has major plans including a tax cut from € 100 to € 300 per year for parents who send their children to sports, arts and cultural activities. I introduced the measures.

Another measure is to provide free childcare services to all children, whether or not their parents have a job. Increasing the child allowance and expanding the Scheme 9 initiative to qualify all children for all services are also one of the planned measures. There will also be an increase in employment benefits paid to parents of children under the age of 23.

Musù said the action plan is another basic step to help vulnerable children reach their potential regardless of their starting point. He said it would strengthen the needs of children, especially vulnerable children.

Dennis Fiorentino, director of the Ministry of Social Policy and Children’s Rights, presented existing ongoing measures in the Action Plan and newly planned measures for the coming years. She said the plan was another way to help the government in dealing with the reality faced by underprivileged children.

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