Government spends Rp 214 bln for fuel cash assistance in West Papua

Direct Fuel Cash Assistance payments are intended to alleviate the increased burden on households from rising fuel prices. (Direct Cash Assistance) is also to preserve the purchasing power of residents amid ongoing global economic uncertainty

Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) – The government disbursed a total of Rp214 billion (US$14.3 million) in direct fuel cash assistance to eligible beneficiaries in West Papua.

A total of 356,876 beneficiary families are eligible for direct cash assistance in the province, said Andy Prasetya, director of the West Papua Office of the Ministry of Finance’s Directorate General of Finance.

“The direct fuel cash assistance payments are aimed at alleviating the increasing burden on households from high fuel prices. It also aims to preserve purchasing power,” he said here. on monday.

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Each recipient will receive support of Rp 150,000 (US$10.05) for four months from September to December 2022, he added.

Meanwhile, Manokwari Postmaster Johannes Kesaurya confirmed that at least 387 recipients in the region have received assistance in the first phase of their payments.

The 387 recipients received 300,000 rupiah in direct fuel cash assistance (US$20.1) and 200,000 rupiah (US$13.4) in basic food subsidies in September, he said.

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Direct Fuel Cash Assistance is one form of social assistance that governments divert fuel subsidies to provide. At least Rp 24.17 trillion (US$1.61 billion) has been set aside by the government for subsidies.

At a closed meeting on August 29, 2022, the government agreed to divert fuel subsidies to two other forms of social assistance. The first is her Rp 600,000 (US$40.2) wage subsidy for her 16 million workers with a monthly income of less than Rp 3.5 million (US$234.5).

A second support is provided by local authorities as an additional social benefit to residents and the local transport sector by setting aside a portion of the General Transfer Fund.

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