Government Stays Consistent in Supporting Maintaining the Gaming Industry – Minister of Economy

Economic Minister Silvio Shemburi said on Tuesday that the government would remain consistent in supporting the iGaming industry.

In a press conference hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with WH Partners celebrating 20 years in Malta’s iGaming sector, Schemeri said Malta currently has more than 300 iGaming companies, creating thousands of jobs. ..

He said Malta has had a favorable tax system for the past two decades, making the country attractive in the face of the gaming industry. Schembri said it was because of this that Malta attracted and continued to attract more skilled workers to the island.

Regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry, he said the industry is clearly showing how resilient it is and will not slow down anytime soon.

Schembri said in a panel of events consisting of multiple stakeholders in the industry that the government will continue to promote banking access services for the iGaming industry, while continuing to implement the FATF recommendations.

The minister also said that the country has also made efforts to establish better relations with the opposition in order to tackle global challenges together. He said he invited Ivan Bartolo, a PN spokesperson for the digital economy, to his office to discuss the Maltese iGaming industry ecosystem and how it could be improved.

Schembri, on behalf of the government, said it would continue its efforts to provide the skills needed for future industrial workers by investing in the education sector.

At a press conference, the minister said the iGaming council would be set up to facilitate government relations between political parties by providing high-end advice and cooperating with future policies.

The Minister of Economy said he firmly believes that as the industry continues to evolve, it can produce even more fruitful 20 years.

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