Government to address global crisis, revive national economy: minister

Now, through this year’s Indonesian G20 Presidency, we are promoting and encouraging the reduction of inequalities in the global economic recovery under the theme of “Recovering Together, Recovering Stronger”.

JAKARTA (Antara) – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartart said the G20 has served as a platform for governments to address the global crisis while formulating various policies to revive national economies. said.

“Today, through this year’s Indonesian G20 presidency, we will promote the reduction of inequalities in the global economic recovery, under the theme of ‘Recovering stronger together’,” Hartart said in an official statement on Saturday. I encourage it,” he said.

He stressed that Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022 is one of the government’s approaches to pursue a sustainable economic recovery in the post-pandemic period.

During his presidency, Indonesia proposed efforts to improve the global economy by equitably distributing vaccinations and global health infrastructure among developed, developing and underdeveloped countries, the minister said. confirmed.

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Indonesia’s other contributions to overcoming global problems include: through the transition to affordable and green energy by initiating the transfer of technology and knowledge between developed and developing countries; It included solving the food and energy crises plaguing various parts of the world, he elaborated.

The government has also sought to address imbalances in food distribution through multilateral and bilateral diplomacy to address food supply chain issues.

The government will also reduce national post-pandemic economic inequalities by balancing health and socio-economic policies, with direction towards health care, social protection and economic recovery programs. develops and implements various national policies to

Minister Hartarto said it will provide social support to low-income communities, allow people’s business credit to access loans to MSMEs and farmers, and provide capacity building and social protection for workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. , cited the initiatives taken by the government. Employment cards and business facilitation through the implementation of the Job Creation Inclusive Act.

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It also sought to improve the national economy by supporting the development of small businesses and encouraging the use of evolving digital technologies to improve the lives of low-income households.

The Minister said that through the application of these policies, backed by the cooperation of several stakeholders, the government was able to control the impact of the pandemic to a considerable extent, thus creating national economic stability and playing a role in the future. said it is expected to do so. In solving other global problems.

“We have successfully controlled the health, social and economic impacts of the global pandemic.Indonesia is therefore one of the five countries that have successfully mitigated the pandemic. Selected by the United Nations and tasked with formulating a global policy to address food, energy and financial crises under the Global Crisis Response Group,” he concluded.

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