Grade 6 Ema wins Croatian stamp design contest

Emma and classmates in Zagreb (Photo: Croatian Post)

Grade 6 Emma Brich from the town of Porec won the contest and her design turned into a new Croatian postage stamp.

For the 15th time this year, the Croatian Post, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, organized a contest in elementary schools across Croatia to choose the artistic design of postage stamps for children of the Republic of Croatia.

The theme of the contest is friendship, and Emma was presented with her price on Friday at the post office on Yuliscieva Street in downtown Zagreb.

Emma, ​​along with her classmates from the “Porec” primary school, was presented with the prize of a computer and a printer by Editor Greglić Cubenić, Head of the Postage Stamps Department of the Corporate Marketing Office of the Croatian Post Office.

Grade 6 Ema wins Croatian stamp design contest

Emma Brich and her prize (Photo: Croatian Post)

“I never expected my work to be the best, so I am very happy to receive this award. My class team and I are very excited to see not only the new post office, but also Zagreb.” said Emma.

161 elementary schools entered the competition with a total of 972 student submissions, and the expert panel selected the 30 most successful.

The Croatian Postal Service has been working with the Ministry of Education on this project since 2007 and the winner of the contest will have the opportunity to become the author of a unique product, a postage stamp, with the name of the letter or parcel. You can travel around the world. .

Grade 6 Ema wins Croatian stamp design contest

Ema’s design (Photo provided by Croatian Post)

“We are really proud to have successfully implemented this project with the Ministry of Education for 15 consecutive years. I think, because this is how our younger generation knows not only the value and meaning of postage stamps, but also the value of the Croatian Post.” Editor Gregrich Zvenich Under promotion.

The winning entries from the competition can be viewed at the link below. here.

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