Grand Bahama needs ‘quick and fast response’ – Eye Witness News

Nassau, Bahamas — The president of the Grand Bahamas Chamber of Commerce said yesterday that the island needs a holistic vision, stating that while it is poised for serious recovery and development, “we need to do things quickly.” There is.

Commenting on the outlook for the Grand Bahama business, GB Chamber of Commerce President James Carey said, “We are absolutely confident that Grand Bahama continues to be poised for serious recovery and development.”

Carey said that the business community and the Grand Bahama community as a whole have been affected by various issues and events over the years, but “we need to get things done quickly.”

Carey adds: What we all want, aside from wishing success, is that we need to come up with a master plan for the ultimate direction of where this island needs to go in development. There are plans drawn up during the development of the city, At the time, the plan seemed to be on its way to becoming a reality. That doesn’t seem to be the case today. ”

Carey said problems such as crime, airport conditions, hospitals, Grand Lucayan and downtown wanderers are all “solvable” with determination and care. Grand Bahama needs ‘quick and fast response’ – Eye Witness News

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