Grand Bahama welcomes hundreds of tourists on Wednesday and New Day Tourism kicks in to the island …

Port Lucaya Filling – On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, hundreds of tourists gathered at the Port Lucaya Marketplace to shop and dine. Visitors came from two Norwegian cruise ships calling at Freeport on Wednesday morning. This initiative was part of an effort by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Grand Bahama to attract more cruise ship visitors to the market.

Freeport, Grand Bahama — The tourism economy of Grand Bahama began on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, when nearly 1,000 visitors from two major cruise ships visited the island and attended various attractions. I received a great deal of optimism and hope.

On Wednesday morning, four cruise ships (Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Pearl, Costa Classica, Ocean Voyager) moored at Freeport Harbor, with hundreds of passengers leaving the belly of these giant ships and numerous. I got on the tour bus.West end attractions
Located at Port Lucaya Marketplace.

“This is a great time for the Grand Bahamas,” said Senator James Turner, who was at hand to welcome some of the visitors to the Port Lucaya Marketplace on Wednesday afternoon. “This is a time to remind us of what we used to be and what we need to get back.

“We have long said that we should participate in the prosperity of the Bahamas islands in Grand Bahama. It’s great today. There are four cruise ships in the harbor, buses come and go, and tourists I’m loading and unloading. I see vendors negotiating in the market here, hundreds of visitors roaming around, and tourists laughing. “

300 visitors were taken by bus to Crystal Bay Beach, where they participated in a “swim with pigs” experience. This attraction has been around since 2013 and is becoming more popular not only with cruisers, but also with Airbnb residents and locals.

In the tourist area, there are restaurants, gift shops and cabanas along the beach shore that not only swim and feed with trained pigs, but also squeeze kayaks, Bahamian food and drinks.

Stephen Johnson, general manager of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in Grand Bahamas, couldn’t hide his excitement when he pulled to Crystal Bay Beach to welcome visitors to the sights. He said things are starting to happen in terms of the tourism economy in Grand Bahama, and the four cruise ships in the harbor on Wednesday are just the beginning.

“Grand Bahama is preparing for what’s to come,” Johnson said. “We are excited about today and the future. We were in Colombia about two weeks ago and are considering a program from Colombia. Not yet confirmed, but we are currently working on it. ..

“Grand Bahama has become an all-age party city. People, whether corporate or leisure, are here to celebrate and have a party in Grand Bahama. I’m excited about the opportunity to come. . “

Tourism officials said they had the opportunity to attract sibling tourism, religious tourism and other major groups. He said some of the attractions that were big sellers in the Grand Bahama are back in operation.

Specifically, he said diving in the Grand Bahamas has become very popular with visitors. “Tiger Beach, just outside the West End and Shark Junctions, has two of the region’s top diving exploration spots,” Johnson said.

“There is a lot of activity in those places. In fact, people are coming to make movies on those sites. In fact, I recently signed about 15-20 different releases and the movie company made the movie. Approved to bring in equipment for production.

“There’s something about diving here in Grand Bahama, especially shark diving that you can’t get anywhere else in the Bahamas. That’s why Grand Bahama suddenly became a big diving hotspot, so sightseeing in Grand Bahama. I’m excited about the possibilities. “

The influx of visitors to the island comes a week after Minister of Tourism Hong. Chester Cooper lamented the empty and haunted feelings of Port Lucaya Marketplace during his visit to the island and tour of the market.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism, along with the Minister of Grand Bahama, Hong. Ginger Moxy has pledged to discuss with major cruise lines and find a way to take visitors away from the ship and take them from the harbor to Port Lucaya Marketplace and other tourist destinations on the island. “This is a deficit day for the Grand Bahamas and certainly the beginning of a new day for the people of our island,” said Senator James Turner.

He thanked the influx of visitors to Grand Bahama and the financial opportunities of local businesses, but Stevens-Johnson admitted that it was difficult for many Grand Bahamans.
Economically, we experienced the devastation of Hurricane Dorian and the subsequent impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“But we tell them, wait, the magical city is almost on the way home, so wait,” Johnson added. Grand Bahama welcomes hundreds of tourists on Wednesday and New Day Tourism kicks in to the island …

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