Graphic Video: Akron Police Releases First Bodycam Video in Jayland Walker’s 90 Round Massacre


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Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said on Sunday about the June 27 killing of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old black man who had escaped unarmed by the State Criminal Investigation Agency (BCI). I told the general public that I would conduct a fair investigation. When eight Akron officers gave him an astonishing 90 rounds.

Akron Police Chief Steve Millet After holding a press conference on July 3 and refusing to pull due to unidentified traffic, eight Akron police officers fired nearly 100 shots at a man allegedly leading police in an early morning chase. I considered the simultaneous release of body camera images. violation.

Police officers fired a total of 90 bullets, and about 60 bullets fired by Akron police officers attacked Jayland Walker. Bobby DicelloOne of the Walker family lawyers.

Please note that the footage below contains graphic scenes that include loss of life.

Police first tried to pull Walker near Sayre Avenue and E. Tallmagia Avenue, according to Akron officials. Pursuit shifted gear after at least one police officer reported a shooting from Walker’s vehicle.

“By the actions of the suspect, police officers recognized that he posed a fatal threat to them.” Authorities said. “In response to this threat, police officers fired firearms and beat the suspect.”

Police reiterated the alleged shooting of Walker on Sunday, and Millet detailed that firearms, magazines, and gold wedding rings were recovered from the 25-year-old vehicle and cartridge cases were recovered along the chase path.

Car chase became a foot race after Walker reportedly abandoned the car near the intersection of E. Wilves Road and Claremont Street.

Mylett was unable to specifically quote a move or equipment breach that caused a fatal sequence of events on Sunday.

Akron prepares for protest after police shoot black delivery driver Jayland Walker more than 60 times

Officials said they first used a stun gun to prevent Walker from escaping. However, if unsuccessful, shootouts were subsequently used, according to the department.

Walker was suggested dead on the scene, and Summit County coroners cited “multiple gunshot wounds” as the apparent cause of death. Police Chief Akron declined to speculate on the number of gunshot wounds as the examiner is expected to publish an official memo on the matter.

Walker’s amputated corpse was eventually handcuffed, prompting further questions about the corresponding officer’s real-time judgment.

“People want and deserve an answer, and they will have an answer. BCI will carry out a complete, fair and professional investigation.” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost It was announced on Sunday. “The image from the camera you’re wearing is just one view of the big picture. You need to do a full review before you can draw any conclusions.”

The case is still under consideration, so all eight officers are taking administrative paid leave.

Much of the community went out to demand accountability for the fatal case as more was revealed about Akron police using force against an unarmed 25-year-old boy. I did.

Organizers, including Walker’s family, have called for peaceful demonstrations.

“Please be peaceful today.” Disero said on Sunday prior to the upcoming peace rally. Graphic Video: Akron Police Releases First Bodycam Video in Jayland Walker’s 90 Round Massacre

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