Great location just 1 hour from Ljubljana

Slovenia may be small, but boys are perfectly formed. The lovely Ljubljana is a great base for exploring the country, with a wide range of history, culture, entertainment and activities within a two-hour drive from the capital. Two hours is enough, but the modern world is a fast-moving place. Where can I get to just one hour from Ljubljana?

These are some of our favorite places just an hour from LJ.

Where else do you start? Slovenia’s most magical natural environment is a 42-minute drive north of the capital, with gorgeous passage through quaint villages and tranquil Slovenian countryside. Lake Bled is a very gorgeous lake surrounded by jagged mountains and famous castles and is picturesque. Lake Bled is one of the most popular day trips from Ljubljana, but you may find that you are staying forever. Learn more about Lake Bled.

Sticking to Slovenia’s most popular attractions, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle often exceed the end of Slovenia’s tourism business. An hour south of Ljubljana, the caves and castles are a wonderful one-to-two offering the mysteries of the underworld and the magic of one of Europe’s most idyllic castles. Keep an eye out for human fish. Learn more about Postojna.

Postojna Cave


Let’s continue the theme. Human fish? The most curious animal in Slovenia is also the name of the first craft beer. This is a great selection of beers brewed in the small town of Vrhnika. The Human Fish Taproom is a good reason to travel 25 minutes from town, but adding the legacy of one of Slovenia’s favorite writers makes it one of the country’s most underrated day trips. Become. Ivan Cankar was born here and much of the town has been passed down in his life.


The small Zalec, the first stop to the east, is famous for one thing and one thing. hop. The land of Green Gold is the hop-growing capital of Slovenia, and a small town with less than 5,000 people is a must-see for anyone with a little interest in beer. Drinking from a beer fountain is not daily.


The most underrated town in Slovenia? Radovljica may take that delicious cake. Just 35 minutes north of Ljubljana, Radovljica, the most adorable medieval town, has one of the country’s most beautiful environments and some of the most fascinating museums, including the Bee Museum and the Pharmacy Museum. Sweet Radolca doesn’t get the attention of the more famous contemporaries, but it may be your new favorite town. There is also a chocolate festival. Need more to say?

Kranj, the fourth largest town in Slovenia (third largest town by number of births throughout the year), tends to cast a shadow over Ljubljana, with the two cities just 30 km apart. Those who ignore Kranj, a beautiful town that offers one of the best panoramic views, will be more foolish. Kranj, the capital of the so-called Slovenian Alps, has a little bit of everything for everyone. Read more about Kranj.

Kamnik, a magnificent town famous for its castles, flies under the radar, which is exactly the way it likes. This is a living, breathtaking homage to everything that is creative. While the ubiquitous Alps wait patiently in the background, the artisan’s workshop fills the quiet streets, creating a truly stunning scene. Kamnik is a 30-minute drive north of Ljubljana and 15 km east of the airport. Learn more about Kamnik.


Trbovlje is a Slovenian anomaly. Often ridiculed as one of the country’s ugliest towns, this famous industrial center will surprise you. Surrounded by lush hills, the city brings Laibach to the world and explores the development and subsequent elucidation of Slovenian mining. The City Museum is great and a miner’s dormitory is a must. Trbovlje has the tallest chimney in Europe, just 50 minutes east of Ljubljana.

The amazing Skofja Loca should be on the list of all positive travel centers, including its direct appeal and aesthetic talent. Just 30 minutes north of Ljubljana, the stunning medieval town of Skofi Aloka boasts veteran confidence and centuries-old preservation. Summer is also full of events and festivals. Please check this out for details.

Nova Vas

Broke is lovingly known as Slovenian Tibet, cold for six months a year and winter for the remaining six months, but this isolated beauty has more than snow and time. .. Hospitality is the most enjoyable area of ​​natural beauty here, relatively untouched by the chaotic nature of modern tourism. The Brokeskey Museum is a must-see to learn about the long history of Europe’s first practical skiing. Great location just 1 hour from Ljubljana

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