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Greece hired “slave” refugees to push asylum seekers into Turkey.

Greek police have forced several refugees to attack, rob and force new asylum seekers into unsafe inflatable rafts. Investigations by several European news agencies have revealed the scope of Athens’ illegal pushback policy.

Turkey has rescued thousands of refugees and migrants who have been pushed back into the sea by Greek authorities over the years. (AA)

Greek police have forced asylum seekers to repel their fellow refugees and migrants across the border to Türkiye, or their own asylum, or its own, according to a joint investigation led by the Dutch press. It puts the possibility of “disappearance” in the process at risk.

A months-long study by Lighthouse Reports, contributed by Le Monde, Der Spiegel, ARD Report Munchen, and The Guardian, provides vivid details about modern slavery by the Greek authorities.

Refugees and asylum seekers-under the close supervision of balaclava-clad or armed officers-are one of the major crossroads from Turkey to Greece, the Merrick (Ebros) River. It is used as an agent to forcibly return other asylum seekers beyond. ..

Six men involved (from Syria and Morocco) told investigators about the atrocities, beatings, intimidation, and theft of belongings by Greek police.

The man said he was forced to work for the Greek police in return for the concession. The two men also called themselves “slaves.”

Leading the illegal Greek pushback is a Syrian man named “Mike” who lives in a container at a Greek police station base, and the investigator was told by one of the men. rice field.

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Refugees were forced to rob and deprive asylum seekers

Studies have shown that these “slaves” are not only used on the banks of the Merrick River to push back those who are trying to cross, but asylum seekers who have already overcome them are detained in the center of it. I am.

Those forced to work as police are trucked from the detention center to the coastline, carrying refugees and migrants to dangerous inflatable rafts while police watch over them.

The man forced to do this “work” will be given a document issued by the Greek police permitting him to stay in the country for 25 days.

However, they have been detained against their will at three different police stations in the area, close enough to the Merrick River and able to carry out their daily duties.

“Bassell,” one of the men whose name has changed for security reasons, told investigators that he spent three months in slavery to “Mike,” who was working directly with Greek police.

Mr. Bassell said he was housed in a barracks in the city of Tychero, Greece. There, he was brutally forced to assault, rob, and even strip the belongings of asylum seekers every day.

He said police would share some of the loot with him.

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“Either push them back or go to jail”

According to the survey, the container where “Mike” and six men build a house is in the parking lot of the Neo Chaimonio police station in the Merrick area.

The Minister of Civil Protection there, Takis Theodorikakos, told Le Monde earlier this month that there was increasing pressure on the day-to-day flow of refugees and migrants.

“Every day we prevent 900 trespassers,” he said.

Bassell told the investigators of the choice given by his prisoners: to carry out their assigned missions or face prison time on charges of trafficking.

In exchange for his work, Bassell said he was also promised a travel permit that would allow him to cross Greece to Western Europe.

Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsutakis has consistently denied reports of fraud, claiming that his immigration policy is “firm but fair.”

However, Turkey and international human rights groups have also repeatedly condemned Greece’s illegal practice of pushing back asylum seekers, violating humanitarian values ​​and international law by endangering the lives of vulnerable people, including women and children. He said he was doing it.

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Source: AA

https://www.trtworld.com/europe/greece-engaged-slave-refugees-to-push-fellow-asylum-seekers-into-t%C3%BCrkiye-58426?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Greece hired “slave” refugees to push asylum seekers into Turkey.

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