Greece “punishes” insured patients if not enrolled in the “Personal Doctor” scheme

The Greek government is accelerating changes in the healthcare system, and decisions related to the new system of “personal doctors” in as much detail as possible will be announced by June 15. Under the new system, insured persons in the public health system are at risk of being “punished” with a penalty and paying medical expenses from their pockets if they are not enrolled in the new system.

From the day the minister’s decision is announced, there is a semester margin in which citizens must select and register their doctor. Otherwise, according to sources on the Health News website, there are three basic “penalties” that apply six months after registration begins.

Your doctor and penalties

Within the next six months, all citizens will need to monitor their health and select an attending physician to provide services as needed.

Regardless of the region, you can choose between a primary health care public facility, namely a doctor currently working at a health center, community health unit (TOMY), polyclinic, or a private doctor.

Please note that, with the exception of chronic illnesses, uninsured patients are only allowed to look for public health facilities and doctors after June 1, 2022.


Citizens without a family doctor will be paid a “penalty” from their pocket.

Based on the regulations expected to be issued by the Ministry of Health, the penalties are:

– Citizens will not be able to refer to public hospitals. Therefore, they need to choose a private hospital to meet their needs, but since no referrals have been issued, there is no compensation by the medical institution EOPYY.

-They will pay great self-participation not only in medical practice, testing, testing, but also in medicine. The exact percentage will be set by the minister’s decision, but self-participation will probably increase by 10%, especially as stated by the Ministry of Health leadership on medicines. So today, up to 25% of people participate in drug purchases, but those who don’t have a prescription from their doctor pay 35%.

-Public healthcare system ESY appointments for medical services are not prioritized as they are booked through the attending physician and are preceded by the citizens who have selected the attending physician.

according to healthreport.grThe “Personal Doctor” scheme is an obligation under a bailout agreement signed between Greek and European lenders during the economic crisis. Therefore, once the ministerial decision is published, it will be submitted to the European competent authority the next day.

The facts of PS are as follows. a) Living in a country where the government wants to “punish” citizens on every occasion (300 euros if not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine), b) Citizens are PASOK’s scapegoats No politician was blamed for the economic crisis, except for former Defense Minister Tsochatsopoulos, but the mismanagement of each politician resulted in huge debt. Greece “punishes” insured patients if not enrolled in the “Personal Doctor” scheme

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