Greece signs major agreement with UAE

Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsutakis completed his visit to the United Arab Emirates on Monday, signed a series of important agreements and claimed its potential as a Greek energy gateway.

After meeting with Crown Prince Abu Dhabi Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, Mitsutakis moved from the Middle East and Southeastern Mediterranean to the European Union, vowing to strengthen Greece’s relations with the United Arab Emirates. He emphasized that it could be an important gateway to natural gas.

“We show a common desire to further deepen our truly strategic partnerships,” says Mitsutakis. “Greece, due to its geographical location, could be a gateway to natural gas from the Middle East and Southeastern Mediterranean to Europe,” he said.

At the same time, Mitsutakis emphasized that Greece is accelerating gas exploration on its territory.

“This outlook has the potential to create room for further strategic cooperation. [between the two countries]”He said, showing interest in the development of offshore wind farms.

The crown prince called Mitsutakis a “friend.”

“We are confident that this visit will strengthen the good relations that the two countries already have. The Emirate will strengthen these relations at all levels, not only in energy, technology and health, but also in food security. We aim to move forward, “he said.

Reportedly, the signed agreement covers the areas of investment, economic and technical cooperation, industry and advanced technology, climate change control, energy, health, police cooperation and standardization.

According to the same report, the successful renewal of cooperation between the Greek Development Bank and the state investment fund Mubadala and the creation of a joint initiative to bring investment in Greece to € 4 billion are crucial to the development of economic relations. is. ..

In a statement in Athens, government spokesman Jannis Oikonomou praised Greece as “a multifaceted, active and active diplomacy, expanding the scope of the country’s international affairs for national interests and stability.” bottom.

Mitsutakis and the Crown Prince also discussed the development of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, referring to “Turkey’s provocative actions that not only complicate bilateral reconciliation but also endanger regional stability.” Greece signs major agreement with UAE

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